Download Alien With A Magnet on iTunes!

This one touch puzzle platformer ramps up the difficulty and will toss you into a world fille dwith more than 45 levels along with a time trial gameplay mode. Loads of opportunities for increasing your score and shaving milliseconds off of your best times along with GameCenter support add loads of replayability to this one. Don't miss it!

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Whirl The Squirrel has lost all of his precious THINGS to his 'nenemies. It's up to you to race through 18 wonderfully designed levels in this speed-run, racing platformer. Perfect for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Download Evilot on iTunes!

An interesting Lane-Defense title from Syrenaica Development. Help Count Dolfus defend his treasure against the onslaught of knights and adventurers who are trying to steal it away from him. Only $0.99 in the AppStore!

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Easily one of the best fighting games on the iOS, Kinetic Damage presents an amount of depth that's rarely seen within the genre. Fans and newcomers alike should jump on this one ASAP!

Download Best Park In The Universe on iTunes!

Check out a brawler specifically designed for the touchscreens from Heavy Boat Games and Cartoon Network! 3 worlds, 15 levels and some intense action staring Mordecai and Rigby from CN's Regular Show! Be sure and grab this great little beat-em-up!

Download Liberation Maiden on iTunes!

From Level-5 and Grasshopper, the action packed mech shooter; Liberation Maiden is now available on the iOS! With improved graphics and controls, this is definitely one to dive in to.

Download Eve of Impact on iTunes!

One of the best Missile Defense games available, with awesome graphics, sweet gameplay, and now it's Universal! Check it out!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Alrighty, first off, I'm terribly sorry for not posting this sooner, but I was really hoping it was just a fluke, and then I wasn't sure if I even wanted to share anything about it because the last thing I want to read when looking for video game reviews is someone complaining about health problems, but I've come to the conclusion that I can't just leave all of our wonderful readers out there in the dark any longer. 

At the moment, Cabdog, the only other writer that I have for The App Shack, has a broken finger and has just had surgery. I won't go into everything, but needless to say, he's been out of commission for the last couple of months, and might be for the next couple of following months as well. 

During this time, I've developed some severe headaches. I am seeing a Dr., and hope to have all of this sorted out ASAP, but it's been so bad that I can barely stand to be at the computer for more than a couple of minutes. 

But that's why there's been nothing new posted up on the site as of late. I was hoping that it would sort of just blow over, but it hasn't yet. 

I will say that I will do my best to be back with a bang in mid to late December. I am still hoping to have a big promo code giveaway and (hopefully) come back with quite a few reviews. In the meantime, feel free to go through our back catalog of reviews, maybe find out some hidden gems you could have missed out on, or stare at the cute little blue sadface I've posted above, but please don't loose hope or give up on TAS just yet. We'll be back as soon as possible with more reviews of great iOS games, and can't wait for the gaming to come in 2013!! With the new iPad 4, iPhone/iPod 5, and iPad Mini and all of their fantastic new processing powers, it's looking VERY promising, as I'm sure you all know. 

We hope you're having some great fun with the recent new games, and are all enjoying the holiday season as of yet. Be safe, and don't forget to check back in the middle of December to see what's up! =oD

Thanks for sticking this out with us.

--The App Shack Team of Two
--Syntheticvoid & Cabdog