Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catching Up With Review Rewinds

First off, thank you all for bearing with us over the last month, but you'll be glad to hear that we're on our way back. Starting it all off, here's a list of Review Rewind games that we were unable to post over the last month;

[Rik Schennink]
Universal - $0.99

Eve Of Impact is easily our favorite Missile/Base Defense title on the iOS. It's beautiful and slick graphics help to make the game incredibly immersive and the strategic gameplay having a direct effect on how many humans are saved, how many asteroids you'll need to destroy and how you play the game in general is some of the best we've seen within the genre. Developer Rik Schennink recently updated the game to include Universal support along with some tweaks to the game, like making it so that not every asteroid will collide with Earth, adding another layer of strategy to the gameplay. If you're a fan of high-score chasing endless arcade titles with a fantastic atmosphere, Eve of Impact is definitely one that you should check out. 

[Chocolate Liberation Front/MTV]
Universal - $0.99

Chocolate Liberation Front's atmospheric platformer, Oscura, has been a favorite of mine ever since it was first released. Even though Version 1.0 only featured 7 levels, it has since been updated with another 5 bringing the total up to 12. Granted, that's not many when compared to basically every other platformer out there, buck luckily, those 12 levels are incredibly well done, and offer enough replay value to make the game worth purchasing. Each stage has a possible 4 star ranking based on how quickly you complete the stage, if you can collect all of the light shards in a stage, another for collecting all of the gears and lastly, one for completing the level without dying. Also included in an update was the addition of virtual controls. Sadly, there is no GameCenter integration, which would have been the final feature needed to give the game a 'complete' feeling, but even without it, Oscura is still a platformer that we highly recommend.

[Chris Neveu]
iPhone - $0.99

Miss Claire Garden, developed by Chris Neveu, was my favorite iOS platformer for quite some time. Incredibly reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers 2, with it's pick-up-and-throw-enemies mechanic, it featured some Metroidvania type gameplay and upgrades as well as incredible level design and very responsive controls. Still on my device today, and still in my top 5 favorites in terms of iOS platformers, Miss Claire Garden is a must own for platformer fans. Unfortunately, the game did not sell well, and didn't receive the support it deserved. It's always a shame when an amazing developer goes un-noticed and results in that developer to give up on the AppStore, but you can still find MCG available for purchase. This one is HIGHLY recommended. 

[Mumbo Jumbo]
iPhone/iPad - $2.99/$2.99 [HD]

Mumbo Jumbo's exploratory side-scrolling adventure title, Glowfish is a must-own. Unfortunately, Mumbo Jumbo had recently thrown in FULL SCREEN ADS to the iPhone version of the game, even if you've previously paid for it. For some reason, the ads are only in the iPhone build and nowhere to be found in the HD/iPad version. They have seemingly disappeared over the last couple of weeks, but because of the addition of the ads, with no mention of them in the update notes, it's become incredibly hard to fully recommend Glowfish to people who don't have it already. Luckily, the game does drop down to $0.99 and sometimes FREE on a pretty regular basis, so if you're willing to wait, it's definitely one to keep an eye on. With 50+ levels, beautiful graphics, a great 4 star rating system and loads of areas to explore, if you're a fan of exploration titles, it's one you should keep an eye on.

Universal - $1.99

OrangePixel is easily one of the best old-school retro platformer developers around in the mobile scene. Their previous releases of Meganoid, Stardash, Super Drill Panic, Chrono&Cash and recently, Meganoid 2, are some of the best platformers available in the AppStore. Their Run'n'Gun Platformer INC is no exception. If you have yet to pick this one up, don't wait any longer. Right now, it's the best Run'n'Gun experience you'll find on the iOS, at least, that is, until their next title, GunSlugs hits the AppStore.

[Uppercut Games]
Universal - $2.99

Uppercut Game's cover based arcade shooter, EPOCH. was one of our favorite games of 2011, and recently, an update adding an Arena Mode along with new missions, new achievements, more leaderboards and more Intercepts to pick up, it's renewed our love of this amazing title. If you have yet to snag this one, don't wait any longer. It's definitely going to be known as an iOS classic if it isn't already, in some gamers minds.

[Witching Hour Studios]
Universal - $9.99

Up until recently, you could have picked up Ravenmark for an incredibly low price; $2.99. Granted, you would have had to pay for a couple of the campaigns, but it was an unbelievable price for what the game offered. Surprisingly, Witching Hour Studios took a daring risk; they raised the price of Ravenmark to $9.99 to better reflect the quality and offer the game in one full package - but also unlocked all of the campaigns for those of us who already owned the title for free. Those of us who had already purchased the campaigns were rewarded with some spiffy benefits to say thanks, and IAPs were removed except for the Tip Jars, which allowed players who didn't have the newest campaigns previously, but now had them unlocked for free to tip the developers as a thank you. Ravenmark is easily my favorite TBS title on the iOS platform. There's nothing that really comes close to the depth and gameplay that it offers. If you're a fan of the genre, Ravenmark is THE benchmark Turn-Based Strategy title that you NEED to own.

[True Axis&PomPom]
Universal - $3.99

Space Tripper was my personal GOTY for 2011, and is still a title that I consider one of my top 3 favorite iOS games ever. PomPom did an outstanding job porting the arcade, arena based shmup over to the touchscreen, but unfortunately, it didn't sell well. At all. On top of players being upset that there were no touch controls in the Version 1.0 build, there was also very little promotion and word-of-mouth for Space Tripper. Since, it has become quite the little hidden gem, along with receiving a relative touch control scheme update, it has 4 difficulties in the original game mode, as well as a SUPER EASY CHEAT mode and other gameplay modes including Score Attack and Challenge Mode. If you've yet to pick this one up, get it now. You won't regret it. 


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