Friday, March 1, 2013

Doragon Entertainment's Danmaku Unlimited 2 Is Released! - DU1 and Storm Strikers On Sale!

Because of the nature of the AppStore and how many crazy good releases there are every single year, it's no surprise that loads of great games never hit our radars before release. However, there are a select few that we find out about months beforehand and are psyched about for months. Doragon's Danmaku Unlmited 2 falls into the second category. 

We found out about DU2 last October, and since, we've been drooling at the thought of playing a third bullet hell shooter from one incredibly talented developer. Now, the time has come and Danmaku Unlimited 2 is available for purchase in the AppStore

Having been on the beta team, I can definitely say that, without a doubt, Danmaku Unlimited 2 will appeal to fans of the shmup/bullet-hell genre. The crazy Japanese styling, great color pallet, over the top visuals, 4 difficulties, 2 gameplay modes dependent on grazing bullets, up-close destruction, bullet canceling and special Trance Mode 4X multiplier sessions alongside the customizable upgrades (including being able to mix shot types [focused, wide and tracking] together) controls and screen size - not to mention the game being Universal, supporting the iPhone/iPod 5's widescreen and looking beautiful while running at 60 frames per second all comes together creating one of the best bullet-hell experiences available on the iDevice. Yes, even when including Cave's tried and true mastery of the genre. 

Also, if you've yet to experience Doragon's two previous bullet-hell shooters, Danmaku Unlimited and Storm Strikers, they are both on sale right now for $0.99 each. You can also pick up lite version of all 3 titles;

Make sure you DO NOT miss out on this game. Even if you don't consider yourself a bullet-hell gamer, with the 4 difficulty modes, there's plenty of great gameplay to be had by even the most casual of players. You can expect a review for DU2 ASAP... but until then, take a look at these awesome pics and screen melting trailer;


Can not wait to play this one

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