Monday, February 20, 2012

Crimsonheart iTunes Giftcard contest - Win one of ten $10 giftcards!

Our friends over at ANBSoft have graciously given us 10 iTunes giftcards that each have $10.00 worth of credit on them. In case you've forgotten how to do simple math that adds up to $100.00 worth of money in our hands. Since we love you guys so much we have decided to hold a little contest where you could win one of these giftcards. 

Entry Rules:
  • Download Crimsonheart from the AppStore here:Link
  • Write a review of the game that embodies how you feel about the game.
  • Take a screenshot of your review and send it to our email ( so that we can verify that it was actually you who wrote the review. Also include any optional entry you completed in the email.
Example Email:
Hello Dave, 
The screenshot of my review can be found in the attachment above. I also completed the optional twitter entry method and tweeted as @TheAppShack.

Optional Entries:
-After you have completed the first entry you can choose to enter again in a variety of different ways. This will cause your name to be entered in the random drawing a second time.  You do not need to complete these entries to win the prize.
  • Compose a tweet about the contest/game and include the hashtag #CrimsonHeart   Be creative!
  • More optional entry methods will become available as the contest goes on. 
Submit your entries before the 1st of March.


Hey, are you guys going to announce the winners for this?

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