Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TAS Promo Code Giveaway!

Other than Groundhog Day, there isn't much of an occasion, but we are holding a huge promo code giveaway anyway! So far we have several awesome games for you guys. You asked for them, now you have them. Here's our current list of prizes:


Ice Rage - courtesy: Mountain Sheep
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land - courtesy: Red Wasp Design (Universal)
Super Crate Box - courtesy: Vlambeer (Universal)
Blot - courtesy: Majestic Software (Universal)
Puzzlejuice - courtesy: Colaboratory (Universal)

So now you're probably wondering, "well how do I get in on this thing?". It's simple. Just tweet and retweet this post as many times as you can all this week and next. Let us know your Twitter name by commenting below. Also, head over to our Facebook page and like us! You never know, we might give you double entries. This contest will keep going until the codes run out, so spread the word! The more people we have participating, the more codes you get. First round of drawings will be this Friday so get your entries in.


I would like Super Crate Box, thanks in adcance :)

Hello, I retweeted your message a lot of times under ben_monk on twitter
+1 as bob bobby
Shared on Facebook under Ben Valencia
I would like ice range if I win, thank you for this opportunity to win.
Also I have liked your page and following you on twitter.

retweeted as @efratbartal
i would like ice rage ;)

Just a quick comment, you guys who entered via the previous post don't necessarily need to enter again. We would appreciate it if you still spread word of the contest though. Thanks guys!

Retweeted as @bahooza
Facebook as Duncan Reddy
Ice Rage or something else cool please!

I would like Super Crate Box.
Thanks for the giveaway and chance!

Liked as Leon Tang
Plused as Leon Tang
RTed as @sun_yefeng

Tweeted several times @speed4mee :)
Liked and shared @speed4mee :)

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