Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Danmaku Unlimited 2 Coming This Spring!

Doragon Entertainment, otherwise known as Sunny Tam and developer of the mind-blowingly fantastic SHMUPs; Danmaku Unlimited and Storm Strikers (as well as the endless titles Raptured and Aerikuma and the Super Crate Box type game Rainbow Tissue Cat, all of which are definitely worth checking out), is coming out with the sequel to Danmaku U, Danmaku Unlimited 2. 

I've been lucky enough to be a part of the beta testing team, and I have been nothing but impressed with the game. There are quite a few tweaks and improvements as well as complete changes that will be found in DU2. First, there's two gameplay modes. One is the 'Classic Mode'. Here, destroying enemies in close range builds your multiplier while grazing bullets adds to your bonus. Destroyed enemies also add to your Trance Gauge, which is a more powerful shot that can cut through enemies like butter, and drops gold stars, which are worth big points. The second mode is 'Burst Mode'. Here, destroying enemies drops blue orbs that fill your Beam Gauge while destroying enemies at close range causes more blue orbs to fall than normally would. Once you have a certain amount of blue orbs collected, you can activate your Beam Shot. This shot cancels out bullets while both bullets and enemies destroyed while using this shot drop black diamonds that raise your multiplier. Burst Mode also utilizes the Trance Gauge, which is filled the same way, by destroying enemies. Once it's full, you can blast enemies away with the insanely powerful shot and collect the gold stars that fall, boosting your score. Here, grazing bullets also adds to your bonus score.

Both modes utilize the ADS system instead of bombs. Here, if the ADS system has power and you're hit by a projectile, the screen will be cleared of bullets and the ADS gauge will drop. You'll loose a ship when you're hit and the ADS gauge is empty. The controls are a bit different as well. Instead of the controls that were used in the original Danmaku, DU2 allows for 1:1 relative touch through 2:1 relative touch with a sensitivity slider in the options. Like the original DU, you're also able to change the size of the gameplay screen, allowing for a deadzone beneath the play area, or to get rid of the deadzone entirely. 
The virtual controls are also a thing of the past, with DU2 utilizing swipes to activate your Trance and Beam shots. Swiping up activates your Trance Beam while swiping down activates your Beam Shot. In 'Classic Mode', swiping down changes your shot from it's normal spread to a more condensed laser shot.
The graphics have also overgone a nice overhaul, allowing for bullets to stand out, and running at a solid 60 frames per second. Danmaku Unlimited 2 is also going to be a Universal app, and looks beautiful on the bigger iPad screen. 

We'll keep you informed whenever we get any more information about Danmaku Unlimited 2 as it's release quickly approaches. Needless to say, we're incredibly psyched to check out the final version of the game. Here's a preview trailer for the game and some screens, check em out and try not to drool too much. =o)




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