Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oyatsukai Games Releases A Free-To-Play Version Of Fractal Combat; Fractal Combat X

Fractal Combat, one of our favorite aerial combat games for the iOS, here at The App Shack, has just received a sister app; Fractal Combat X (FCX). In our review of the original Fractal Combat, we were incredibly impressed by the whole look of the game and how it played. It also made our Review Rewind, reserved for games that have been on our devices one year after our initial review. 

What's new in Fractal Combat X? Take a look at the list;

All new 3D assets, including an updated user interface.
Similar worlds but all new missions.
A new store.
A new upgrade system for items.
A new simulator control system which plays more like an actual airplane. 

In Fractal Combat X there are 3 landscapes split up into 6 worlds with each world having 5 missions, or levels. Upon completion of these levels, you'll earn credits which you can use to purchase upgrades, like better thrusters to make your jet fly faster, improved missiles for increased damage, better electronics so that you can lock on more targets and jam more missiles, better armor and improved handling. Each landscape is split into Classes. Landscape 1 is labeled as 'Class 1' - and here, you'll only be able to use Class 1 fighter jets, Class 2 can only use Class 2 jets, ect. Each Class has 2 separate jets to choose from, and once you complete a Landscape, you're given a sizable credit bonus so that you can pick up either of the next two jets. 

Oyatsukai has also said that they're already working on new levels and stronger player jets, so content updates are in line for the future. If you haven't checked out the original Fractal Combat, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do. It's easily in our top 3 aerial combat titles on the iOS, if not our top favorite. The action/arcade gameplay and crazy amount of enemies that you'll encounter, as well as the GameCenter leaderboards have kept us coming back again and again. You can also check out this freemium version of Fractal Combat with all the new bells and whistles, as it's now available in the AppStore. Oyatsukai is one of the few indie developers that has consistently listened to player feedback and kept the updates coming, even though their game has sold basically no copies over the last year and a half, and for that, we're incredibly grateful. They definitely fit into the 'needs to be supported' and 'deserves WAY more attention' group of developers on the iOS.


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