Friday, February 15, 2013

Cordy 2 [Silvertree Media] - FREE - $4.99 Full Game Unlock

**This review has been contributed to The App Shack by Alister from the Touch Arcade Forums**

There has been a trend of speculation among the mobile game press, reviewers and analysts, of how to translate a great platformer onto our beloved touchscreen devices. Most cite Rayman Jungle Run as the prime example and though I love that game in the back of my mind I can't help but think of it as Rayman: Origins Lite. Pretty much the conventional wisdom to make games like these successful for the platform is to shorten the levels, put in an auto running mechanic, implement swipe or one touch controls and then simplify the over-all gameplay. With the current iterasions of the Sonic games in the AppStore that's lacking the proper precision of controls and output due to virtual button mishaps, it's hard to argue againts the status quo. Luckily the very talented folks from Silvertree Media have proven these statements wrong with their new game; Cordy 2.

The story of the game starts out when our charming hero Cordy and his side-kick Volt crash their space ship on Planet 2. Suddenly they find the place terrorized by the terrifying Boogaloo and his menacing Boogie Bots who have suppressed the worlds energy resources. Since it's in the protagonists nature to be both heroic and selfless, Cordy sets off to fight evil and help the citizens of the planet by giving them their power supply/electricity back one action packed level at a time, while having lots of fun doing so as well, as he's always smiling. Well maybe that's his way of psyching out the enemy, hehe.

As you play through each stage, there are two items to collect; gears (which are quite similar to gold rings from Sonic) and some lightning bolt looking zaps that seem vital for pressing through the game, since you are powering up a planet. Each level has 3 goals to achieve, each giving you a star like most mobile games do. Those 3 objectives are finishing the level, collecting all the zaps and beating the quick trial challenge. Now let me tell you in advance that gears and stars have some uses. Gears can be used to unlock bonus stages and some hidden areas, while advancing through the main levels will require a certain number of stars that you've collected.

The gameplay of Cordy 2 is absolutely brilliant!! From the very fast pace that's accompanied by highly intuitive and precise controls with very accurate output, to the vast depth of its mechanics. Various powers can be attained by combining Cordy with allied bots resulting in possible interaction with the environment/real estate that lies all around the stage. Plus having very clever level design that's overflowing with sophistication, complexity and length, that can easily match up to your console platformers, the developers are obviously not messing around as thier creation is executed and polished to perfection.

The details of the background and over all aesthetics are gorgeous. The BGM is quite good also and proves to give off good vibes while playing through the game. It also features IAPs that are purely cosmetic alterions for the main character, so you can be rest assured that it's not necessary, though personally I'm think of buying some in support for the creators amazing efforts.

If you are one of the people out there who's been searching and waiting for a platformer at the same caliber of Rayman: origins or some of the other triple A titles to be available on the AppStore, then look no further. You can download Cordy 2 and check out the 4 initial levels for free and see the greatness first-hand. If the experience leaves you hungry for more action, like me, you can push the buy button to unlock the full game.


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As for everyone,pls feel free to critique my work in anyway you can..

Actually I though the review was quite good. Full explanations on the entire game leaves me in no doubt how the game play works.
Interesting also is comparing Cordy 2 to what some platformers have become in the first paragraph what kept me reading on actually.

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Thanks for the kind words john,or do you prefer to be called Coldar?Coming from a TA forum vet,it sure means a lot for me..I hope you like the upcoming reviews that I'll write..

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