Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates! - Repulze, Starbase Orion and The Blockheads

So, three games have received updates this week that add quite a bit to their gameplay; Repulze, Starbase Orion and The Blockheads. If you've yet to pick up these titles, you shouldn't wait any longer. Repulze is above and beyond, the best time trial racer available on the iOS while Starbase Orion is the deepest 4X iOS  original that we've had the pleasure of playing and The Blockheads takes the whole 2D Minecraft gameplay in the same direction as Junk Jack, but keeps it more casual and has quite a few differences, definitely making it worthy of your time. Here's the update notes for these three updates that went live this week;

This is the “PHASE TWO: Break & Desist” content update.
- Ghost race recording / playback
- Bonnet camera view
- Slide-to-steer control now available
- New industrial wasteland theme
- Seven sanity defying new tracks
- New challenge types
- Power Ripper upgrade
- Magnetic Fields, Barriers & Toolkits
- Minor bug fixes and tweaks.


v1.1.8 marks the one year anniversary for SO. We have had an amazing first year, with tens of thousands of players making SO the highest ranked and rated 4X space game on the AppStore! I am honored to bring you another feature packed update for SO to celebrate.

• Tutorial!
That's right, its about time we got a real tutorial. If you're new to 4X space games, then tutorial will help ease you into the wonderful world of Starbase Orion. The tutorial is narrated by the very talented Maurice Thomas.

• Leader Maintenance Cost
Leaders now cost an additional 1% of their purchase price per turn in upkeep. So if you bid 600 GC on a leader, it will cost 16 per turn (10+6).

• Starbase Changes
Starbases received a buff to their armor, structure, and weapon slots. The changes were made such that SB1 and SB2 got the most benefit, with SB3 being roughly the same as it was before.

• Weapon and System Design Costs Scale with Ship Control Points
Weapons and ship systems now cost different amounts depending on the CP cost of the hull you build them on. Generally, they are a bit cheaper on frigate, the same on destroyers and cruisers, and more expensive on everything bigger.

• Ship Tweaks
Mammoths now cost 4 CP per ship. Destroyers and Cruisers had their amount of weapon and system slots tweaked.

• Continual AI Improvements
The AI now scouts more aggressively, so it will find all those yummy special planets around it.

• Bug Fixes
You reported them, we fixed them! Thank you so much for everyone helping to make Starbase Orion the best it can be!

The first update with new stuff! This update will work fine with your current worlds, no need to start again. 

Find kelp in the oceans. 
Craft compost to grow plants and trees faster and bigger. 
Craft steel lanterns, they're waterproof! 
Craft extravagant gem chandeliers. 
Find basalt, a new shiny block to build with. 
Use dirt and water to craft clay at a press. 

Wooden platforms are now 'reinforced platforms' and require iron. This is to make them a more advanced building material for later in the game. 
Dropped chests and pole bonus clothing items are no longer removed from the world. 
The more valuable gems are a bit less likely to show up while meditating. 
Clothing now degrades slowly over time. 
There are now tips in the early stages of the game.
Options added to change sound volume, and restore double-time purchase.


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