Friday, February 15, 2013

Kemco + WorldWideSoftware's Aeon Avenger Hits The AppStore!

Kemco, one of our personal favorite iOS RPG Publishers, has just released their English version of Aeon Avenger. For those of you who do not have access to an Android device, and have not heard of Aeon Avenger yet, here's some info on the game;

A young man named Lake lost both his home and family when a mysterious man in black attacked his village. Revenge became his one purpose in life. One day, he met a woman from a tribe which kept the secrets of time travel. His destiny was about to change forever... Who is the Man in Black, who leads a host of monsters? A great story, spanning 3 eras, present, past and future!

Seems you're able to travel through time, as well as solve problems and puzzles in one era by traveling to another (reminiscent of Chrono Trigger). Weapons can be strengthened by using accessories called 'Bits' which can also be evolved as you progress throughout the game. And as always, there's a full cast of characters with some fantastic English translation done by Kemco.

Aeon Avenger also supports the iPhone 5's widescreen (even though this is not stated in the iTunes requirements - this has been tested and confirmed) and is the very first Kemco title to be UNIVERSAL! That's right, no more 2X mode for iPad owners!

You can snag Aeon Avenger on sale for launch priced at $2.99 - it will go up to $8.99 soon, so grab it ASAP!

As always, we will have a detailed review for the game up as soon as we can. Until then, check out some screens and the trailer! 


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