Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Updates!

Candy Boy, the puzzle platformer by Colorbox has just gotten another update. This time they've improved the controls, and added a new Christmas level pack! The new level pack contains 20 new levels, and you can play it without beating the previous world. So this is a great new addition to the game, for both gamers who have and who have not beaten the full game yet. It's great when developers get in the Christmas spirit a little early!

A couple months ago, we got the chance to review a swiping beat em up by the name of Kung-Fu Zombie Slaughter. In the game, you run around each level killing wave after wave of zombies, getting weapons as you progress in the game, and facing fiercer, quicker, and meaner enemies along the way. Version 1.1 has just recently gone live, and with it comes a few new features, though still no GameCenter, like we were hoping.

-Every zombie now has unique skills
-5 different enemy kinds
-Various bugfixes

So now each zombie has unique skills which you'll have to learn fairly quickly in order to defeat them all, and a couple new zombies are thrown into the mix as well. Even though it's no online leaderboard, it does add quite a bit of variety to the game, and it's hard to complain about that.

About a week ago, we reviewed a new sci-fi/RTS game by the name of Blue Libra. A bit like Galcon, but with quite a bit of depth to it, Blue Libra has turned into one of our favorite strategy games here at The App Shack. Last night we were surprised with the Version 1.4 update hitting the AppStore. Here's what's been added;

--Extended campaign by additional maps
--Added zoom (two finger zooming gesture)
--Added retina support for battle (must be enabled in options)
--Added option for turning off/on screen movement during drawing movement path
--Fixed crash bug related to AI

We had a chance to check out the 1.4 version this morning, and the new zoom feature makes the game a lot easier to play by allowing gamers to see the entire level map at any time while playing. The new campaign levels are also a great addition, as are the new retina graphics. Definitely a nice update to an already great game.

The CB Labs platformer that was released at the end of September this year just got it's very first update, and it's one that a lot of players have been eagerly awaiting. Along with some bug fixes, you can now share your scores on FaceBook and Twitter. Though that's not what players have been excited about. Timmy is now able to be controls with... LEFT AND RIGHT VIRTUAL CONTROLS! That's right, no more finicky joystick movement here kiddies. CB Labs has given us some buttons, and they work extremely well. Be sure to snag this update quick, because those GameCenter scores are going to start shooting up now!

The new world game, W.E.L.D.E.R., by Highline Games, while still in it's launch sale phase, has gotten an un-expected update, and quite a few things have been done to this awesome game.

--New "Word Quotas Completed" leaderboard: try to complete all 12 levels more times than your friends!
--Additional bonus swaps between levels: receive up to 8 extra swaps for your next level, if you're REALLY good that is!
--Updated social messaging functions.
--Thanks for all your word suggestions! Keep sending suggestions to words@weldergame.com No proper nouns are allowed, and words without definitions are generally met with skepticism, but we welcome your feedback!
--Tap the new "?" in the Special Swaps area on iPhone (near bottom of screen) to see an explanation of all Special Swaps you currently have available.
--Fixed 'Weld with Friends' achievement.
--Fixed bug where additional Palindromes can be counted.
--Fixed crash when making a selection across an empty space.
--Fixed a bug where you can get a Game Over if you left the game at the end of a Level.
--Other minor bug fixes, stability enhancements and interface improvements.

So make sure you grab this update soon, because it makes the game a lot better, even though it was already a great game. W.E.L.D.E.R. has quickly become one of The App Shacks favorite word games.


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