Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates/Freebies/Sales - November 28th


This dual-stick shooter from Tuokio Inc. (King of Opera, Blonde vs. Brunette Racing) has just gotten it's 6th update, brining about Issue #7 for the game. This time, a new character, The Pilot has been added, as well as a re-done Priest stage. To unlock The Pilot, you'll need to take on The Priest and his new body-guard. Something that might help you? The newly added homing missiles for the Bazooka! Also be sure to try out the game's 2-4 Local Multiplayer for an AWESOME gaming experience with friends! Tuokio Inc. has been sending out updates for Raiding Company fairly frequently, so if you don't have it yet, it's a great buy! The developing team is very responsive, and determined to give gamers the best possible playing experience they can. If that doesn't deserve support, well... I don't know what does.

The anti-gravity action/arcade platformer-type game, GravCat, from Monster Robot Studios, has just gotten another update. This time around, an armory was added. The levels have been filled up with blue energy which you can use to buy power-ups within the armory. If there was one thing we weren't expecting for GravCat, it was a shop with power-ups, and yet, here it is, making the game more exciting! If you've got GravCat, be sure to check out this update ASAP! It adds quite a bit to the game. If you haven't bought GravCat yet, it's worth checking out, especially now that there's power-ups! Now all we need is some GameCenter support, and we'll be SET!

EnbornX, the arcade shooter from Lantansia, where you take on one energy orb that morphs into an endless amount of boss-like enemies, one at a time, has made Survival Mode available by selecting "New Game". When you start a Survival Mode game, you'll start off with your current Story Mode score, which could give you quite a head-start for the leaderboards. Lantansia has been extremely supportive with EnbornX, taking suggestions from gamers through reviews, forums, and e-mail, and has pushed out one amazingly fun shooter that's loaded with enormous enemies, badass weapons, and whole lot of bullets. If you're a shmup fan, this is one game you've got to have on your device, and with this recent update, it's even better than ever.

Phoenix, a not-so-typical bullet hell shooter from Firi Games (Flare Elite) that runs on iPods of every generation, has just given us the 4th ship for this amazing game. The Shogun is now finished, and available for everyone willing to throw down another dollar. This time, the new mechanics for the ship involve grazing. That's right, you heard me. GRAZING! Instead of being able to power-up a different projectile, you'll attack your enemies by grazing (getting as close as you can to) their bullets. This will cause a slick slash from your invisible sword-like energy blade. The more bullets you graze, the stronger the attacks get, also changing the color of your ship, and adding a SAWEET trail effect following behind your ship. Not to mention, when you have a shield enabled, every bullet that is absorbed by your shield is counted as a grazed bullet, causing maximum damage! To top it off, two new enemies along with some new bullet patterns have been added to this top-notch shooter as well. The HD version (which is FREE, BTW) also now runs flawlessly with iOS 5, and the Friend's List bugs have been squashed. If you haven't checked out Phoenix yet, you should. It's definitely one of the best shooters available for the iOS.

Snorbies, the bubble popper from Nepik, has recently gotten updated as well. A new item, the Bucket, has been added, as well as a new world, new levels, and text at the start of each world describing what the item being used in that world can do. Coming from a newbie on the iOS scene, Snorbies isn't a bad bubble popper at all. The different modes make for some interesting gameplay, especially the Pattern Mode, where you need to find the best way to clear the screen of a pre-determined set-up of bubbles (Snorbies). The only thing still missing is GameCenter. We've got our fingers crossed hoping that it'll be added soon, but since it hasn't been added yet after about 5 updates, we've stopped holding our breath.


This "light bullet-hell" shoot-em-up from Mobili Studio has just gone free for the first time since its release earlier this year, and will stay free until the end of the year! Absolute Instant offers some interesting gameplay mechanics in the form of teleporting. Since it's release, it's been updated with a new character, and a new level, and offers some pretty hectic gameplay on the Hard Difficulty. If you're a fan of shmups, Absolute Instant is an extremely polished, and well done title, very deserving of a download while it's free. Great visuals, awesome bosses, nice bullet patterns, sweet enemies, interesting mechanics, 3 badass characters, and challenging gameplay make for an experience you won't regret plunging in to. Since it's free until 12-31, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone you know, and get started on moving up those leaderboards!

Blowup!!, the music based color-matching/destroying puzzler from Cravemob, has just gone free as well. It's got the perfect mix of music and gameplay, making for a hectic, addictive puzzler. You'll need to tap on blocks, removing chunks of the same color, trying to piece together huge portions, giving you more time, and insane scores, also adding to the BGM. Once you hit 100% in a level, a remixed version of the music track will be unlocked, giving you even more gameplay! For free, this is a definite title you guys should check out. The GameCenter leaderboards also add quite a bit of challenge to the already challenging game, so go get it, and start out-scoring your friends!

Reckless Racing, by Pixelbite is a fantastic top-down racer. Tiny Cars takes that gameplay, and gives it a retro make-over. Irix PTY has done a fantastic job giving us 34 tracks across 4 environments, 10 cars, awesome physics, retro graphics mixed with awesome 3D effects, and a whole lot more, and right now, you can get it all for FREE! Make sure you pick up this racer while it's free, and don't forget to give these guys a review in the AppStore! Hopefully they'll be able to get enough attention and bring us MULTIPLAYER in the future!

This mix of Dr. Mario and Tetris by Heitor Barcellos, has gone free again in celebration of the release of Bob Bomb. If you're a fan of puzzle games, or the drop down match up pieces type of gameplay found in Dr. Mario, Thor Blitz will be right up your ally! To make things a little more interesting, a level system has been included, adding more powers as you level up, but also speeding up the falling objects. Main point? Match up combos, collect diamonds, use the Thunderbolt power, clearing the screen, get a huge score - do it all again. Definitely worth checking out while it's free.


MumboJumbo has given us some fantastic iOS games over the last couple years, starting with Luxor in 2009. But one of my absolute favorites, GlowFish, has just been put on sale, dropping from $2.99 down to $0.99! It's an exploritory adventure game where you'll travel through 50+ levels in a marvelously crafted underwater universe, collecting friends, using them as a shield to change enemies into friends, and finding hidden areas, as well as taking on bosses who can then be upgraded and follow you along in your journey. The graphics are astounding, and every little thing about the game is polished to the point of the developers who worked on this game had to have developed an obsession. For $0.99, it's easily one of the best iOS games you'll ever have the pleasure of playing. After the first 4 days on my device, it locked it's spot in the top 10 of my top 20 favorite games of 2011. Grab it, spread the word, help the developers come up with enough money to give us a GlowFish 2!

Cordy, the extremely polished exploritory platformer from SilverTree Media, has just dropped in price from $2.99 to $0.99 (the iPad version has also dropped from $4.99 down to $2.99)! You'll run through incredibly large levels, collecting items, preforming insane acrobatic stunts, and finding the lightning bolts to power up the exit, while trying to beat the level's time in 27 levels of amazing fun. There are no enemies, but that doesn't mean that there's no challenge. Each level has a possible 3 star rating, one for completion, another for collecting every item, and the 3rd for beating the level's time limit. Finding all the lightning bolts you'll need to open up each level's exit can make the time limit stars VERY hard to get, and exploring every little nook and cranny, especially in the later larger levels, can prove to be quite the challenge. But it never gets frustrating swinging, jumping, running, and more in the beautifully made levels. Cordy is definitely a platformer that every fan of the genre should own. It's made it's way to #11 on my top 20 of 2011 list, so needless to say, it's highly recommended!

Halfbrick Studios hit dual-stick shooter, Age Of Zombies, has just gone on sale, dropping from $2.99 down to $0.99! If you haven't picked up this classic title, now would be the time to! Their latest release, Age Of Zombies: Anniversary, can only be played on 3rd generation devices or newer, so if you're still lugging around a 2nd, or god forbid, a 1st, generation iPod, break out another buck, because AoZ will give you an incredible gameplay experience. Grab Age Of Zombies, and find out why Halfbrick Studios has gotten so popular over the last couple years.


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