Thursday, November 17, 2011



Orange Pixel's latest action platformer, INC, has just gone through a bug fixing update. It fixes many of the problems gamers were experiencing when first starting up the game, along with a couple others. The bugs where your character would just fall through the floor when you first started up the game, and players experiencing the no bullets issue have been fixed, as well as fixing the cloudsaving progress issues, and the bug where it would keep saying "Level Up" even after your character got to level 3, the highest level he can reach. This run'n'gun platformer is now fixed and ready to rock, so now you don't have any reason to skip out on the amazing Orange Pixel's latest title!

This exciting arcade game where you try and get as many ninjas across a ledge as you can has gained a small following of gamers since it's release last month. Alien Worm, the development team, put together a small competition recently, giving gamers the opportunity to submit ideas for new hats to be put into the game. A couple of these ideas made it in, and are now in the version 1.05 build of this crazy game. 6 new hats have been added, as well as a new environment to play in. Be sure to snag this modern casual take on an old classic.

Blowup!!, the block matching/destroying arcade puzzle game from Cravemob has recently been updated as well. The 1.0.3 version contains 3 new songs, Twitter and Facebook support, bonus music tracks for levels that you 100% complete, some difficulty adjusting, and bug fixing. This addictive puzzle game is one that incorporates music into the gameplay quite well. If you're a fan of music or puzzle games, this is one title you should really consider checking out.


Most Triniti Games end up going free eventually. God of Fight is the most recent addition to their 'gone free' list. The game is basically a clone of Knights Rush, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Knights Rush is a great game. There are a couple of different gaming mechanics within God of Fight, enough to warrant a download while it's free anyway. Be sure to grab it while you can!

Big Blue Bubble's sequel to their popular title, Burn The Rope, Burn The Rope: Worlds, has just gone free. The biggest issue people had with the game was seeing the "Remove Ads" IAP. But what they didn't realize is that the Ads are ONLY shown during the Daily Levels, not through the regular modes of the game, just like in the original title. Sales have suffered because gamers thought they would be paying for a game that had ads in it all the time. Hopefully going free will show people what they've been missing out on.

Fabrice Noui's expanded take on Risk-type gameplay, Empires, has just gone free for thefirst time. This strategy game about conquest is one of the best Risk influenced games we've ever had the pleasure of playing. If you're a fan of the old-school game, or just a strategy fanatic, Empires is a game you shouldn't miss out on!

4:20 Digital's interesting arcade game, Chain Surfer, has also just gone free. See how many tricks you can do while rocking back n forth on a chain. Sound dull? We thought so too, until we actually tried it out. The addictive gameplay will have you coming back for more time and time again, trying to pull off more and more tricks, and trying to better your score while moving up the leaderboards. Snag this one while it's free!

The Ikaruga inspired shoot-em-up by Vidia, Kyotokei - Polarity Shooter, has gone free for the first time since it's release a month or two ago. The awesome old-school gameplay will probably having you longing for a real Ikaruga port for the iOS, but until shmup fanatics see that day, and probably have a heart-attack because of it, Kyotokei is a great substitute. You'll fly around level after level, absorbing enemy bullets by changing your character's color. It recently got updated with GameCenter, bringing the replay value up quite a bit too. If you're a fan of shmups, Kyotokei is a game you NEED to have on your device, and now you can, for FREE!


Image & Form International's popular line drawing/tower defense game, Anthill: TTD, has just gotten it's Version 2.0 update. With it, comes the oh-so-cool Infinity Mode. You can now see how far you can make it in the world of ants while competing for scores in an insanely hectic up-the-difficulty every minute of gameplay Mode, and now you can snag it for just $0.99! Don't miss your chance to grab one of , if not THE BEST, line drawing defense-strategy game available, to date.

Recently, Ayopa Games published two titles. W.E.L.D.E.R. is one of those two. Making it to the AppStore Game Of The Week, Ayopa has decided to drop the launch sale price of $1.99, down to $0.99! W.E.L.D.E.R. is easily one of the best word games to ever hit the AppStore, and was a steal at two bucks, but now, at $0.99, it's officially hit the 'must buy' list for many gamers. Cascading match-3 type strategy gameplay mixed with crazy Scrabble game mechanics makes W.E.L.D.E.R. a game that just about anyone can enjoy, and get hooked on.

SEGA's card-based strategic defense game, Samurai Bloodshow, has just gone on sale for $0.99! Now you can experience one of the most hardcore real-time defense games available for the iOS. Not only will you get a crazy long, 200 stage, campaign mode, but you'll also be able to play multiplayer over wi-fi and through GameCenter! Battle it out with gamers around the globe, while collecting the best character cards you can! Definitely a great deal at the low price of $0.99!


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