Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming Tonight - Soul Calibur, JAZZ, Ash II: Shadows and tons more!

The App Store is finally starting to pick up speed and tonight the flood gates are opening as tons of quality titles are launching simultaneously. Check out the fine selection below.

Soul Calibur - $12.99 [Universal]

Soul Calibur is the port of the 1999 Dreamcast version of the game and is debuting to the tune of thirteen dollars.  Though the typical Apple gamer may balk at the price tag, fans of the fighting series are probably mashing the buy button as it releases around the world. 

JAZZ: Trump's Journey - $2.99 [Universal]

Set in New Orleans during the era of jazz music, JAZZ certainly seems to embody how the city looked like back then. With a unique musical twist this platformer certainly looks like a great time. Check out our review of it here:

Ash II: Shadows - Silver ($2.99) Gold ($4.99) [Universal]

The popular JRPG Ash, now has a sequel which is surprisingly published by Konami. There are two versions called Silver and Gold. Apparently Silver gets you half off all future content updates presumably available by iAP. Gold, while being a bit more expensive, promises free content updates forever.

Time of Heroes - $0.99 [Universal]

Looks like an interesting turn-based combat game with an interesting story.  Coming from Smuttlewerk studios, we are sure this is a top of the line game.

Niko - $1.99 [Universal]

Free to try platformer with full game unlock for $1.99. Looks like it differentiates itslef from the other platformers with an unique control system. 

Puzzlejuice - $2.99 [Universal]

Another of the many word game that have been taking the Appstore by storm over the past few weeks. From the description it seems like a combination of Bejewled, Tetris, and Spell Tower. Certainly looking forward to this one.

Also a number of other releases came out earlier today before the massive rush. Here are the ones that looked worthwhile to download:

Caverns of Minos - $1.99 [Universal] 

Coming from the master of retro games, Llamasoft, this will tide you over till the rest of the releases come out and probably for the rest of your weekend! Just got it and am really loving it so far.

OVERTURN - $3.99 [iPhone only]

(Footage of Wii version)
Adapted from the Wii to the touchscreen interface, Overturn certainly looks like an interesting game.  My only worry is that the controls may not be the best. Other than that looks great!

Now it's your turn to have your voice heard! Let us know in the comments which of these games you would like to win and we will try to secure a code for you. First person to ask for a specific game gets it IF we receive the code. You are more likely to win if the game is not as well known or from indie developers. One entry per person. 


Soul Calibur! Without a doubt!
I remember the old dream cast days!

I'd really enjoy JAZZ, I love jazz and platformers so I feel you can't go wrong! Though I do have fond memories of playing Soul Calibur on my Dreamcast and in the arcade I feel like it may not be the same!

Ash 2 Gold would be really nice, I enjoyed the first one a lot

I'd love to get Jazz or Noko!

I'm on twitter.

I'd love to have a code from JAZZ: Trump's Journey if at all possible.

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway. I'd really like to get JAZZ: Trump's Journey, I think it'll be awesome. If not then Niko or smash cops, but mostly JAZZ: Trump's Journey. Thanks.

Twitter: ZarieoZ

I'm not trying to go for a code... but out of the titles I got last night... Jazz, Niko, and Fantasy Chronicle (not listed... Kemco's new T-B RPG) - are the 3 that I'm hooked on... Already beat Jazz (though I've had it for a week now...) am halfway through Niko, and only an hour into F.C., but can already tell it's going to be just as good, if not better, than Kemco's other titles...

Even if you guys don't get codes... I'd HIGHLY suggest checking out those 3...

I know ASH is gonna be pretty popular, but I didn't really care for the combat or upgrade system in the first one, and am kinda sketchy about how it'll work out this time around... Overturn is a great Wii game, but on the touch-screen, the controls make it kind of frustrating... being forced to run out of ammo just so you can turn is something that NEEDS to be dealt with... Time of Heroes is pretty much like every other title in the genre... if you've already got Wesnoth, Eustrath, DA: Battles, or GLWG, you won't be missing much... though for a buck, it might be a good idea to pick it up for a rainy day... and Smash Cops... Reckless Getaway is still the best smash-fest racer there is for the iOS (IMO of course...) -

just my two cents...


Soul C. with story mode hopefully

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