Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Land Air Sea Warfare HD Review' - Command 3 different kinds of units in tactical warfare

Land Air Sea Warfare or LASW for short is a RTS game that allows you to command hundreds of units in your quest to outwit your strategically thinking AI opponent.  Real Time Strategy games like Starcraft and others have always left me in the dust as there were so many complex features and buildings availble to build. Luckily LASW simplifies the formula and makes moving and building units easy to understand and fast to execute.  Within a good 5 minutes of experimenting I was slowly starting to understand the way the game worked. Instead of writing a good five paragraphs lamenting about what you have to do and can do in this game I have decided to make the review a First Person view on how the game works and what beginners can expect. Let me know in the comments if we should start writing reviews this way.

Round 1- Noob Difficulty: 1 Opposing Force
Total time: 35 minutes

  • You start off with one building, your HQ. From there you can build powerplants, defenses, and factories for land, sea and air vehicles.
  • Powerplants are necessary because they provide you with  power which you need for your units and to build buildings. 
  • It is generally a good idea to build up your defenses early lest the enemy catch you with your pants down. This literallly happened to me because I figured I would leave my iPad alone and let my vehicles be built while I went to use the bathroom. Lo and behold the enemy showed up and messed up a few of my buildings and powerplants. Primary lesson: Defense is the best offense
  • Resources accumulate automatically from your HQ which is a mining station.
  • You can set a specific units to a group so it is easier to select. Comes in handy during battle.
  • Great user interface, works perfectly on the iPad. I can imagine it would be way more difficult to play on the smaller screen of the iPhone.
  • Lots of power units makes for faster advancement in the game.
  • Died by foolishly attacking enemy base whithout any back up units.
Round 2- Easy Difficulty: 1 opposing force
Total Time: 18 minutes
  • Building up Air units early allows you to discover where the enemy is and what the land looks like.  Should be the first factory you build.
  • Ground units are extremely inefective when the base you were planning on attacking with them is on the water...
  • Also if you build a water factory in a pond that doesnt lead to an ocean you basically just wasted your resources.
  • You can upgrade the Tech of your HQ to unlock new units from your factorys and to choose from.
  • The enemy can also upgrade their Tech level.
  • With a new Tech level everything gets more intense because in order to build the new units fast you have to produce lots of energy.
  • It is a good idea to seal off your base from the outside forces with your power units on the inside of the fence.
  • You can buy guns to defend your base with while your main forces are off fighting a long way away.
  • I'm starting to get a hang of the game by now and finish way quicker than my original round. 
Round 3- Hard Difficulty- 3 opposing forces
50 minutes or so
  • While In the options menu you can select certain factors that limit the gameplay. For example, If you select Air Only you can only build and use air units in battle. 
  • Took out the first team(China) rather quickly while they were busy building power plants. 
  • Turns out they rebuilt their HQ in a different area but foolishly decided to place it near to my base of operations. 
  • While I was busy with China, Russia decided to upgrade to Tech 2 and left me scrambling.
  • While it did take forever to upgrade I managed to hold them off with an Apache or two.
  • Started experimenting with the toggles for units. For example you can form patrols or tell your units to explore.
  • Russia keeps on beating up my air support. Luckily I manage to distract them with my remaining land units. 
  • Built up some defensive turrets and had a easier time dealing with them.
  • Its not a good idea to waste your entire air force on trying to attack the HQ.
  • At this point its useless to try to defeat Russia. I had no air force and a severely depleted land crew. Defeat was the only option.
Overall if you are a fan of RTS or thinking critcally then this is the perfect game for you. LASW is hands-down the finest RTS experience on the iOS gaming platform. Though the price may be a bit steep at a whopping $7.99(while sale lasts) it's truly worth every penny. 5/5 stars.


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