Friday, August 26, 2011

EDGE Extended, $0.99 (by Mobigame) (Universal)

     The original EDGE is a game I absolutely love, and not because its polished, innovative, fun and awesome, it was because of its brilliant platforming, clever puzzles and the ingenious gameplay mechanics. The perfect combination. The game surprised me a lot of time for its quality, its good and it should be in your collection, if you dont have it yet, I reviewed it a while ago, if you dont know about the game, i recommend you reading it first. So when I heard Mobigame was going to release a new version, EDGE Extended, joy and nice memories came to me in a instant. One of the best games ever for me on iOS (if not the best, serioulsy) was going to have a sequel. Perfect. Months went by and we knew nothing, until last week, when french indie developer Mobigame (based in Paris) announced the release date along with a single screenshot and tiny bits of information, which we have previously shared with you.

  EDGE have always been about brilliant and innovative gameplay, but the new one goes a step further, and the word Extended is the best description for this game, as it has been improved in every single way over the original. Sure all elements from the original are here, but they come side by side with a lot of new ones that will make you grin and drool over them. I dont want to spoil you the experience, so I will only tell you one new thing that adds a lot to the game, and its on the sixth level im not spoiling much for you in the end, its all over the video below... there is another cube, a shiny black cube the pushes the game forward in exitement and will rush you quite a but, it will make you think even faster than the original game, and thats a lot to say. But of couse its always fun and entertaining. Discover the rest by yourself. Levels are bigger, with a lot more of hidden prysms and more terrain to explore, which is a fantastic addition and they are clever, made to perfection. Every single level, and there are 41 comletely new ones here for our amusement (and 3 more to unlock), something new this time, with all the prysms you unlock your ghost, for fans who wants to beat their scores.

   The game engine is completely new, adapted for the Retina Display and iPad 2 (and work even in older devices, as its compatible with ALL iDevices), and looks stunning. If before it was beautiul, now its completely stunning. A new feature has been added to the game, the “Vertigo effect”, which does what the name implies. Nice touch. If you are lucky enough to own an iPad 2, thats the version to get until the iPhone 5 is here. It runs at full antialiasing scale, up to 4xMSAA, and believe when I tell you it looks slender. And one last things, really important is that it runs at 6o frames per second and its a great improvement over the original... And believe me when I say its a lot faster than the original.
   Controls are also better now, being even more precise. There the same great control modes avaiable in the original: Tilt, Swipe and a Directional Pad. For me, the d-pad work wonderful and touch sensitivity has been improved even further, again I didn't think it was possible, but it is.

   But that is not the only thing new here, as the game comes with 22 brand new tunes for you to enjoy, all made with the same mastery as the original. A pleasure for your eyes that fits the game perfectly.

   The menus, achievements, scoring system, level selection and unlocables have been taken as they were from the original, but the feel more solid and polished here. And thats not a bad thing at all, as they were very minimalistic and simple. Thanks.
   I dont want to spoil you anything else beyond what I already told you, so make yourself a favor a buy this true appstore gem, you will thank me later. If you already are a fan you probably bought it right away after knowing its existence, but if you are new to the game, I recommend you starting with this one first, finish it and then buy the older one. I know you will, it will leave you wanting to play this game forever, and that a nice place to start doing so. For me, this has stolen the crown of iOS gaming and now stands above every other game there is. Buy it now, you will thank me later. Truly, buy it now...

Edge Extended gets a score of 5/5

iTunes: 99 cents, universal app

Official video:

You can also check the developers website to check their other amazing games:


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