Sunday, July 8, 2012


Autumn Dynasty is a stunning Real Time Strategy iPad only game that is highly engaging at the same time configurable enough with both Novice and Normal Difficulty levels allowing newcomers to the genre to jump right in and have an absolute blast.
The Campaign's story follows a Chinese Scholar, recently graduated, who's first official task is to investigate the uproar in the Southern province of the Region.  While enroute, he is attacked by the opposing group of Rebels and is from then on wrapped up in the war of famine and grains.

The Retina visuals are astounding with the maps/background being gorgeously painted poignant oriental-style. This Adventure really grasps you in its shining gameplay as it is the most amazing and unique I have come across for any RTS as you literally 'paint' your intended route by selecting the unit(s) by tapping or drawing a circle around them, and then control via a hand 'paint stroke' in the direction you desire. It is a fascinating game to experience, let alone to play in! To attack the opposition you simply draw in their direction. The cut-scenes, menus, and maps are all exquisitely detailed and highly oriental derived which draw you in to the overall feel of the Asian culture.

The battle scenes are just awesome. The enthusiast can zoom in quite a bit, but not so much as to see the fighters one by one; I think it's best this way! During the battles the sounds of the 'Battle Horn', archers' bows, and swords clashing can be heard, something that lacks in most other similar titles. Visually, you will see 'slashes' occur overlaying the fighters, arrows hurtling through the air, and warriors falling to their demise. There is no other background music, something that the developers nailed in my opinion.

Resources (gold) are gained via building Farms with building locations being pre-determined. You will also build Forts to train and heal units, Camps to maximize your unit quantities, and Towers and Catapults to guard your settlements. Your same troops are also used to construct these architectures. There are also special abilities that are specific to each unit and are sometimes crucial in completing a mission such as avalanches, smoke screens, and fires. These all have key functions as the environment plays a significant role and is highly formidable as the troops are able to set fires to the forest, and rain down an avalanche on the enemy hiding in the mountains. There is also the standard 'Skill Tree' to allow and train unit ability progression and must be worked through via research.

This RTS endeavor also comes with skirmish mode which has the user battling it out against the AI, something I, unfortunately, have not spent much time with as of yet. There is also the incredible inclusion of both Bluetooth and Game Center multiplayer, which come with voice chat. I have heard awesome things of the multiplayer played via the Skirmish mode.

One place that Autumn Dynasty falters is the lack of any Save. Most of the levels in the campaign can be played in somewhat of a timely manner, but this should still be included in such a game style.
If you are looking for a RTS or have been eyeing this game and are on the fence, don't hesitate, this game will not disappoint. Everything from the game's unique mechanics, stunning visuals, and grasping story line are sure to entertain everyone from the seasoned RTS veteran to the newcomer.


fantastic review! I really need to get back into this, don't I? I bought it when it was released, but it was thrown back into my folder of untouched games because I was way too busy to invest much time into it... but damnit, you make it sound like it's one of the best strategy games available. I've gotta start playing it again! =oD

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