Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainbow Tissue Cat [Sunny Tam] - $0.99

Sunny Tam, developer of two of my favorite shmups on the iOS, Danmaku Unlimited and Storm Strikers, has just come out with another title. This time around, it’s not a bullet hell, but it’s still seemingly influenced by Japanese culture. Rainbow Tissue Cat, a Super Crate Box type title where you try and hit birds and collect stars while avoiding bullets and samurai stars was released a couple weeks ago, and if you’re a fan of the SCB genre, or just love cats, Rainbow Tissue Cat is for you.

Starting it up, you’re able to choose to play the Morning Stage. Afternoon and Evening are unlocked after you score a certain amount of points. Your castle is under attack from swarms of woodpeckers, and you need to take care of them by bouncing on your special roll of toilet paper. The controls are easy to use, and surprisingly accurate. Tilting your device moves the cat left and right, while bouncing is done automatically, ala Bean’s Quest. It would be great if virtual buttons were added to the game, since it is Universal, and tilting an iPad plays hell on your wrists. 

The graphics are great, and super cute, with the background colors changing depending on what time of day/stage you decide to play in. Each time you start up a new game, the layout of the platforms changes, which kind of makes it feel like you’re playing in a different stage each game. 
There are three types of blocks which you’ll be able to bounce on, big, small and blocks with arrows. The bigger blocks stay in place, while the smaller blocks drop down and disappear after you bounce on them, reappearing a short time later, adding to the challenge of the game, and the arrow blocks bounce you higher than you normally would. There are also two different types of birds. Your regular birds, and then pink birds, which, once you run into them, will give you either a 2X points multiplier, a power-up which slows down time, or a special ‘more birds’ star, which sets off a huge wave of birds.

Each time you hit a bird, they will drop a star. These don’t add to your total level score, but they can be collected and used to unlock different suits for your cat. There are IAPs, but these aren’t pushed on you at all, and are really just there if you want to support the developer, and get a couple of different looks for your cute little cat. You can also earn stars by getting promotions, this is done by hitting a certain number of birds as you play through the game. 
Like you might expect from a developer who’s done Bullet Hell titles in the past, the scoring system is a huge plus. For each bird that you knock down, you’re given 1 point, unless you can hit them in a special spot giving you a critical hit which is worth 10 points. Unfortunately, this spot isn‘t really clear. Sometimes you‘ll get it if you hit a bird on it‘s stomach, sometimes if you hit it on it‘s tail, sometimes directly in the face. If you manage to hit a bunch of birds in one jump, it’s a combo, and this is where the real points are. Collecting combos adds a bonus combo score at the end of your game, which can boost your score up quite a bit. 

Rainbow Tissue Cat is Universal and priced at $0.99. It’s supported by GameCenter with 13 achievements and 3 leader boards, one for each time of the day, adding a bunch to the replay value. Fans of the Super Crate Box genre should definitely check this one out. The only thing it really needs is a nice tutorial, explaining the scoring, power-ups, and what not to come into contact with (the first time I saw a samurai star, I thought it was a special power-up, and then died). 


Just went free in the US app store....that was quick!

Yes, it was quick... sadly... it's not uncommon for this to happen. At least this time, it was a developer that I have loads of respect for, and getting Danmaku Unlimited and Storm Strikers at such low prices, I don't regret getting this before it went free at all. Always nice to support developers that you feel deserve it. Hope the free giveaway helped get the game some more attention. It's a great one.

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