Friday, July 13, 2012

Gluddle [Creative Heroes] - $1.99

Out of all the types of games for the iOS, nothing is really pushing the boundaries and expanding like the puzzle genre. And with so many creative indie developers hitting the mobile gaming scene, it’s really no surprise. Gluddle, the fantastic, strangely addictive title from Creative Heroes, is definitely one of those genre expanding titles.

In the game’s description, it’s described as being ‘pinball meets trampoline’ and ‘Peggle meets Angry Birds’. That right there is the best description for the game the developers could have come up with. Your goal is to use bouncy balls to create pathways which you can bounce more balls off of in order to collide them with the game’s ‘bad guys’, surveillance eyes that don’t want you bouncing anywhere. Yeah, it’s a little strange when put into words, but in action, it’s one of the best iOS puzzlers I’ve ever played. There’s only one mode, but with 89 levels, there’s plenty of content, and with the difficulty set just right for an iOS puzzle game, and updates with more levels, it has the potential to stay on your device for quite some time. 

The controls are very easy to get comfortable with. Once you start a level, you’re given a jumping off point. This is where all of your bouncy balls will spawn from. From here, you just need to drag around the screen, and point the ball in the direction you want to fling it, and then tap to let it go. Once it’s in the air, tapping again will freeze it. You’ll need to keep freezing balls until you have built up a path, or have made a sort of Peggle-like jumping board for your balls to bounce off of, trying to get them to come into contact with the surveillance balls. Once you hit a surveillance ball, it’s knocked off it’s axis, and explodes. 
With most of the levels, you’ll need to use the environment to help you reach this objective, with rocks, platforms, gravity holes, teleportation holes and more, which definitely adds more strategy as well as difficulty to the gameplay. 

The graphics, animations, sounds and music are all fantastic, helping to create a world of surveillance and uprising. Though the game isn’t particularly immersive, it’s definitely well-polished, smooth playing, and responsive. Not to mention addictive. Once you start understanding out how bounce the balls off of other balls, and make your way into unlocking the minimum time and gluggle amount medals in each level, the more you’ll constantly be thinking of ways to figure out levels while you’re doing monotonous tasks at work, in the shower or while laying in bed trying to get to sleep. 

Universal and normally priced at $1.99, Gluddle is on sale at the moment for $0.99. For a buck, it’s one of the most interesting puzzle games you’ll be able to pick up, and carry around in your pocket. Unfortunately, the game suffers from the lack of any real replay value, as well as the lack of GameCenter. Leaderboards and achievements would have been a fantastic addition to the game, and it does suffer a bit without GC integration. There is a bit of replay value with the level medals, but as for perfecting each stage, and that drive to do so, it kind of slips under the bar. However, Gluddle is a fantastic, creative game that doesn’t just copy the mechanics of other puzzle titles, it takes them, mashes them together, and pushes them farther than they have been previously, and has had some great support through updates from the developers. For that, it’s definitely worth checking out. 


I have had this since first setting eyes on it; it remains on my device, and I have yet to finish the last few levels for fear of any lack of replay level. It's just so darn fun.
No other game has made me laugh like this one when the oi's start oi'ing rapidly.

Basing from what cabdog says, I think I'm gonna download this game. I love the graphics of the game and this sounds fun. Thanks for the awesome review.

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