Thursday, June 28, 2012


Band Together is an iPad only Puzzle Platformer published by Backflip studios but developed by a new ambitious group of three students. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, but the atmosphere, charm, and superb graphics are sure to draw you in. Problem is, once you are drawn in, the game will likely be half way over all too quickly having you wishing for more content.

The story of Band together has you playing the role of a young bullied kid, Midge, who likes to seclude himself in his attic where he makes miniscule things with his tiny hands. One day he comes upon an old shoebox and finds a group of interesting creatures and decides to create cardboard structures to put these cute beings through the ringer. As we find out, the creatures need to Band together to complete the one screen puzzles and require light to function or they fall asleep (don’t we all!), and are thus deemed Bandies by their demigod. There are no cutscenes, just inter dispersed gorgeous sketch drawings which tell the story of Midges’ plans for the Bandies. The AppStore Description actually contains a little more detail as to the background as well.

The overall ambiance of this game is great, and on the new iPad, the graphics are amazing. You can tell these developers put a lot of thought into the mood. There are 30 levels with the first chunk of the levels going by rather quickly if you are puzzle-inclined, and while the later levels do become quite complex, they rarely leave you scratching your head. The developers have noted that updates with new levels are underway.

This game will only run on the iPad2, and the new iPad. If you are a puzzle platformer fan, and considering the developers have noted new levels are to be released, recommend adding Band Together to your collection
At time of this posting, this game is free, so head over to the AppStore right quick!


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