Saturday, June 16, 2012

Suspect In Sight [Jujubee Games] - $0.99

It’s always exciting seeing a new coming development company come to the AppStore, especially when they have previous iOS experience, release their first iOS game. Suspect In Sight, from Jujubee Games (founded in 2012 by ex-Projekt RED, Traveler’s Tales and Infinite Dreams developers), is their first release, and it shows that they have quite a bit of experience behind them. 

Suspect In Sight has you controlling a helicopter, chasing suspects cars, lighting them up until the police can take them out. The game has 4 separate game modes, and 3 cities to chase the criminals in. the main game mode is the campaign, where you’ll gain experience points and chase down wave after wave of cars until your time runs out. Starting in Miami, you can choose between two different control schemes, tilt and joystick (on the left or right side of your screen), and are given a basic helicopter to start off with. 
As you chase down the cars, gems are given to you after each capture which add to your overall score. There is a multiplier gauge as well, which increases if you can keep the cars in your spotlight until they’re taken down. Each car also adds 5 seconds to your time limit, and there are also “?” scattered throughout the stages which give you little bonuses, like extra time, increased speed for a short time, extra points, stopping the cars for a short time, and more. Experience is gained depending on how many suspects are arrested, how many waves you complete, and your time played. 

Leveling up is required to unlock the extra modes. Race for Gems Mode has you following a stream of gems throughout a level, trying to get them all in the shortest amount of time. As for the other two modes, AC-130 Mode, and Bird of Prey, I haven’t been able to unlock those yet. Which brings me to pretty much my one and only complaint with the game. 

Unlocking modes requires you to reach certain levels by gaining experience. Race For Gems requires Level 3, AC-130 - Level 7, and Bird of Prey - Level 12. After playing for about an hour and a half, I managed to reach level 4. Generally, each game takes about 5 minutes, and only nets between 300 and 600 experience points. Level 3 is at 5,000 experience points, and level 4 is at 10,000 experience points, with level 5 at 15,000 points. With the gameplay being pretty basic, and everything that might make the game a lot more entertaining locked away when you first pick the game up, the grind to get up to level 12 (which is when Bird of Prey is unlocked) can turn out to be long and boring. I’m assuming others are experiencing the same type of grind, as I’m currently #11 out of 5,125 players on the Highest Score board, and #18 out of 5,141 players for Total Experience Points. 

This is pretty disappointing, considering how great the graphics are, and how much potential the game seems to have right now. GameCenter leaderboards for Highest Score, Total Experience Points, and Best Time in the Race For Gems, along with 18 achievements. Being Universal, priced at $0.99, and having loads of replay value, it’s a great game that all action/arcade + high-score chasing fanatics should check out. Hopefully the experience points required for leveling up will be lowered, or the next helicopter I unlock (whenever I reach whatever level I need to reach in order to unlock it - it doesn‘t say when it is unlocked) helps me gain experience points faster. In the beginning it’s a pretty big downer seeing how long it’s going to take to unlock all of the modes. 


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