Monday, June 18, 2012

Project 83113, Blobster, Avenger and Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels go FREE for a limited time!

Seems like a lot of FANTASTIC games have been going free lately , and here are 4 more that you can add to your device at no charge to you. If you don't have these already, they're great games to check out, especially Project 83113, which is sitting comfortably at #2 on my favorite games of 2012 list right now. If you're a platformer fan, Blobster is a nice one to check out, and Avenger is heavily influenced by Castlevania. Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels is a great dual stick shooter that feels like a cheat version if you're familiar and use to playing the freemium version of Monster Shooter. So go ahead, spend some of your bandwidth, because these games are all worthy of snagging. =o)


WOW! Project 83113 free already? That was quick!

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