Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unstoppable Fist [Ragtag Studio] - $0.99

If you didn’t already know, here at The App Shack, we’re huge fans of casual score-chasing arcade titles. The endless replay value, difficulty levels for all players, addictiveness, and gameplay that attracts gamers from a wide range of preferences all seems to hit the right chord with us, especially when all of this is done just right. Ragtag Studio’s first iOS release, Puppy Panic, didn’t really grab our attention, so when we heard of Unstoppable Fist, we were a little skeptical. But after getting our hands on it, passing it around, and trying to out-score each other for hours, we were definitely shown that are skepticism was all for naught. 

Unstoppable Fist is an endless arcade title suitable for casual as well as hardcore gamers. You’re able to choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties, with a very clear bump up in the difficulty levels as you choose the harder modes. The game reminds us a lot of Gun-Fu with it’s gameplay mechanics and challenge. 
Your character stands in the middle of the screen, and objects/animals come at him from both sides. In order to take out these objects/animals, you need to tap on either the upper left, upper right, middle left/right or lower left/right sides of the screen, with the character also able to do a double attack if you tap on both sides of the screen, however the character can only do this if you tap on both sides in the same direction (up high, middle, or down low). There is also a special attack which is done by either swiping down or up, and clears out all 3 areas on either the left or right side of the screen.

There’s only one gameplay mode in Unstoppable Fist, which is kind of disappointing. With a game like this, having a Time Limit Mode, or Godlike Mode would have been a fantastic addition. However, the lack of modes doesn’t really harm the game, as each difficulty mode kind of feels like it’s own gameplay mode, and the 3 different environments help quite a bit. 
Where Unstoppable Fist really stands out, and shines is in its scoring system. Here, you build up your multiplier by punching objects/animals without missing. If you punch or kick and don’t hit anything, or you get hit by an object, your multiplier resets. This scoring system adds quite a bit of difficulty and challenge to the, otherwise, rather simple gameplay. 

With the game being endless, there’s obviously a lot of replay value, but adding to that is GameCenter support, with 4 different leaderboards; 1 board for each difficulty, Easy, Medium and Hard, and one for Top Kills. There are also 33 hard to snag achievements which add a ton to the game. With Unstoppable Fist being priced at $0.99, it’s very easy to recommend. If you’re a fan of score-chasing arcade titles, it’s one you should definitely pick up. It is only available for the iPhone/iPod at the moment, but since the graphics are retro-inspired, and already pixilated, it doesn’t effect the game too much playing in 2X mode on the iPad. Unstoppable Fist has definitely made us excited about what Ragtag has in store for gamers in the future, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. 


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