Saturday, October 15, 2011

UPDATES! - Super Drill Panic, Hypership Out Of Control and Space Junk!

One of our favorite retro platformer developers, Orange Pixel, has just released an update for their (use-to-be) free game, Super Drill Panic. The first HUGE change that you will notice when updating is that SDP is now a PAID game. That means that Orange Pixel has removed the ad banner across the top of the screen, and the game is now $1.99. This is great news for people who downloaded the game when it was free, and dealt with the banner for all this time, because now we have a full featured ad-free paid game on our devices. Oh yeah, there's also bug fixes, a "more games" button, and a different Orange Pixel splash screen. But you can now expect to play Super Drill Panic without the ad banner at the top of the screen, slighty covering up the huge boulder falling down at you. If you haven't picked up SDP before now, it's still worth getting, as it's got a bunch of content, and plenty of retro arcade action to keep any arcade junky happy for quite some time. There's also endless levels for both the male and female characters of the game, as well as GameCenter leaderboards, for that extra boost of replay value. Definitely worth checking out.

Our next updated game is Hypership Out Of Control!, the XBOX Live game turned iOS sensation. You can now listen to your own iPod music while playing HOOC, which is always a nice addition to a game. They have also fixed the bug in Super Speed Mode that made it so that the Max Power power-up wouldn't activate. Now you can fling yourself through space at blinding speeds in Super Speed Mode, and move further up those leaderboards! The last thing they changed was their icon, making it a little more retro, and taking out the clutter of the old icon. You will now see their big red ship in nice pixelated graphics in a neat and cleaned up icon for your devices.

The last game on our list to get an update is Space Junk. This Asteroids-type space shooter is now supported by GameCenter and OpenFeint, which was one of our biggest gripes with it back when we reviewed it late last month. Now you can compare scores on 9, THAT'S NINE, different leaderboards, as well as go after 22 achievements. There's also a new unlockable Survival Mode, which unlocks after you manage to get 10 of the 22 achievements. To make it an even bigger and better update, Upside Down Games has made the controls configurable, enhanced the graphics, and added accelerometer support! Now this retro arcade game truly feels like a full fledged multi-featured game, and it's still just $0.99! Make sure you grab this one and join in on the space shooting action.


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