Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EDGE, $2.99 (by Mobigame) Universal

   Hello all, I am back and this time will be reviewing the game EDGE, by french indie developer Mobigame. They released the game back in 2008, but the game got pulled from the AppStore because someone not worth mentioning sued Mobigame for the rights of the name “Edge”. The developer stuck to his guns, believing in their game, and fought back, resulting in a win. EDGE was re-released on the AppStore. But that's not all, in 2008 Mobigame brought back the game in full Retina Display glory, in a particularly wonderful minimalistic art style. And they also added many other improvements over the original. They  believed in their product and its name, and the name represents very well the concept of the game, as you are constantly moving near the edge of an endless abyss... a wrong move and you have to start the level again but thankfully the game saves often within a level, so casual gamers will enjoy this one too...

   First watch this video to get a picture before reading:

   In the game, you have ledges, moving platforms and such things, as any other platformers do, but EDGE does something unique... its all about reaching places, climbing and doing puzzles.  Since there are no enemies at all, all you have to do ( this is an easy task) is to reach the end of each level, trying to do it as fast as possible. You play in an isometric view, and can move the cube up, down, left and right. Your cube moves around tridimensionally and the point of the game is to advance through the 45 stages plagued with all sort of puzzles and dangers, some to help, some to test your reflexes and brain, and all this while collecting prysms (little bright boxes). If you do it fast enough, you get a nice score, but if you collect all the cubes you get the best score possible, and that's a  great challenge. Levels are very well made and it often feels very rewarding collecting all of the prysms, some of which are well hidden. One of the moves you have is that you can hang on the edge of many different surfaces as long as possible, that helps you move around, like hanging to a moving platform to safely cross the abyss while trying not fall into the abyss, and you better learn it quick. Theres many control options available to fit all your tastes, like tilting, a d-pad and flicking. All work great here, but mi particularly found of the d-pad, it just work better and more precisely.

   Also worth mentioning is the music. Its outstanding. Each level has its own music, and they fit the game perfectly. I Haven't seen this sound quality in a game before. Mobigame even sells it at iTunes, and theres a handy link within the app to do that.

   Reblayabity is very big: if you collect all prysms in all levels, you will unlock the three last levels, which are awesome. And best of all, you get turbo mode, and like your probably guessed, make you cube go really fast. And thats perfect to replay the whole game and get better scores. Theres also a GameCenter Leaderboard for your total points earned in the 45 levels and another for normal levels and the 3 extra ones, and 16 achievements to earn.

   EDGE is so good, it doesnt have a bad side: Lots of well thought levels, a great challenge, huge replayability, a unique style and its a ton of fun. And above all, a gameplay like no other and second to none. If you like platformers, speedruns, are a hardcore or casual gamer, and like to play games, games doesnt get any better than EDGE. It may be a little old, but its still great fun and its still as original as back in 2008. This game will never leave my iPhone. And last, this is one of the few games I have that hooked me from beginning to end.

   Not too long ago, Mobigame announced their new game “Edge Extended”, and while we know nothing about it, my guess is that is going to be great. I am eagerly awaiting it.

   On a side note, Mobigame just released the game for Sony PSN, adding new levels that i hope will be avaiable in a future update for iOS.

   If you want to check out other games by this developer, you can visit their website:


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