Saturday, August 27, 2011

SuperJumpBall: Basketball- 0.99 (Bengger Applications)

SuperJumpBall: Basketball [$0.99] by Bengger Applications is a neat new game where your mission is to guide the basketball out of harms way into the basketball hoop. There's 15 levels to play through with more coming in future updates. Your ball is always moving, so the only control in the game is tap to jump. If you land in the various obstacles such as the spikes or garbage bags then it's game over. To finish the level you have to make the basketball in the hoop. There's no time limit, but in various locations throughout the level there is points hanging around that you can collect to earn a higher score. If points are going to be awarded for each level then Game Center definitely needs to
be added in a future update, because right now I don't really see a point in try to get a bigger score. I'm also not a big fan of the control. I find it a bit hard to get use to and the jumping is laggy at times. I also hate that if you get caught on an object then you have to restart the entire level because there's no way to move the basketball back or forth. That's where a left and right button would be extremely useful. There is extras that you can earn in the game after completing a certain level. So far the only extras are changing the color of your ball to green for example. My favorite part of this game has to be the simple style graphics and the levels in my opinion we're very well done. Overall, the game is pretty challenging so you'll find yourself restarting levels over and over either trying to finish the level or get a higher score. My final rating is 3 out of 5 stars. It definitely needs a little more work and features, but it's a nice little game to fill in empty time during your day. If it weren't for the controls then this game would be much better. Hopefully the controls get a little tweaking. You can go download SuperJumpBall: Basketball by Bengger Applications for your iPhone & iPod Touch for just $0.99 here.

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