Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEWS - The CheeseMan Cometh.

Recently, the AppStore has seen it's fair share of Super Meat Boy influenced platformers. But Hicham Allaoui's upcoming game, CheeseMan, is the first to add something all of us SMB fans have been begging developers to add for months; VIRTUAL CONTROLS. This slight, but seemingly very important addition to the game, should be what we've all been wanting in a Super Meat Boy clone. The graphics and gameplay looks surprisingly polished as well. At the end of this month, The App Shack will, very proudly, be able to have a first look at how CheeseMan plays. And we're going to be telling you all about it. How it controls, how the physics work, if the level design is up to par, or beyond, and just in general, if you really should be as excited as you think you should be about this up-coming game.

Keep checking back around the end of August, and beginning of September when we will be the first review website to proudly present -


If you would like to stay upto speed with this game and news from the developer, you can follow Hicham Allaoui on Facebook and Twitter, and also be sure to check out his website.


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