Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flick Tennis: College Wars HD- 3.99 (Rolocule)

The App Store has dozens of tennis related games, but I've yet to find that one tennis game that gives me a console feel experience. Well look no further Flick Tennis: College Wars HD [$3.99(iPad Only)] by Rolocule is the best tennis game I believe for the iPad. I'm no tennis buff, but I've played many tennis games on multiple consoles and iOS devices and this has to be the closest you'll get to a tennis console experience on an iOS device to date.  This game utilizes the iPad's big screen magnificently. The game combines tennis and a comic book adventure together. You get to play the role as a tennis prodigy who has to fight for his survival and become the best college tennis player. Throughout the 11 episodes, the story starts to evolve more. Once you begin an episode the comic book story appears. After reading it you're led into a match against an opponent who you must beat to complete the episode. The opponents get more difficult as you progress throughout each episode. Your opponents level type varies between beginner, amateur, and
professional. They also have certain types that they're better at. The different player types range from Defensive Baseliner, Aggressive Baseliner, Volleyer, and All Court Player. By now your probably wondering how the controls work in the game. Well the only control you need is your finger. All you have to do is swipe your finger to guide the ball. Different gestures can change how you hit the ball. For a basic ground stroke you use 1 finger to swipe up. To perform a slice you use 2 fingers and swipe up. Doing a drop hit all you have to do is swipe down with 1 finger. The last way to hit the ball is performing a lob by swiping down with two fingers. You can also move your player by tapping on the area of the screen that you want him to move to. If your not in the mood to play through the episodes then you can always create an exhibition match. You can customize the match type, how many sets, opponent difficulty, etc. At any time you can save any of your matches to come back to and play later. If you have a friend over you can start a head to head multiplayer match. This allows two
people to play the game at the same time (see image to the left). The bad part about it is no online multiplayer. So if you're by yourself you'll have to stick to creating an exhibition match. That's the only downer to the game. Hopefully GameCenter support will come with online multiplayer to go with it. One last thing, there's also a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock all the episodes in the game at once. It's not required, but if you'd like to unlock all the episodes without beating them one by one you can do so. With all that said this was definitely one of the best tennis experiences that I've ever had on an iDevice. Overall the game has stunning visuals and is definitely worth every penny. My final rating is 5 out of 5 stars. If you have an iPad then this game is worth a look at. You can download Flick Tennis: College Wars HD [$3.99] for iPad here.



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