Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frontier Development's Platformer LostWinds Goes FREE For A Limited Time!

Originally a WiiWare title, LostWinds is an outstanding platformer that has translated over very well to the iDevice's touch screen. Since it's release, it's received a few updates, one adding a new virtual button control scheme to the game making it more accessible to casual gamers, and it's sequel, LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias, has been ported over to the iOS as well. If you haven't picked up LostWinds yet, it's definitely a title every iOS gamer must own, and you can snag it for FREE for a limited time! 

If you need more convincing, feel free to check out our 5 star review or watch the trailer below, then head on over to the AppStore and pick this one up ASAP! If you enjoy it, help to support Frontier by purchasing the sequel, which adds a spiffy season changing mechanic that lets you switch between Winter and Summer to solve puzzles and make your way through the game. 


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