Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Punchbox Studio's Pocket Climber Is Now Available!

Punchbox Studio's new iOS title, Pocket Climber is now available in the AppStore. Pocket Climber, sequel to Nichibutsu's 1980 title, Crazy Climber, has you controlling your character with left, right, and upward swipes as you climb up an endless building collecting coins and avoiding various hazards. It kind of plays like a vertical version of Temple Run, and although I know a lot of you are sick of the whole behind the back runner genre by now, the vertical mechanics definitely add to the gameplay, enough to take the chance and pick it up for a buck if you're even remotely interested. There are plenty of upgrades and items you can purchase in the store, and quite a few different environments to try and reach, along with GameCenter support. You can pick up Pocket Climber now in the AppStore. Both the iPhone/iPod and iPad builds are priced at $0.99 each, and you can expect to see a review for Pocket Climber posted as soon as we get deeper into the game.


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