Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hope This Works Game's Ikaruga Inspired Runner, Polara Goes Live Tonight!

Hope This Works Games is trying something different with their new Endless Runner, Polara. In it, you'll need to switch between Red and Blue colors in order to pass through lasers and avoid other hazards throughout the levels. It's two 'button' controls, allowing for color change on the left side of the screen, and jumping on the right, with the option to switch the two, make for some very easy to learn mechanics, but also allows for some very difficult maneuvers, especially when replaying levels trying to collect the special item, and the letters P O L A R A, all in different colors, sometimes requiring you to change your color in mid jump, and then back again before landing in order to collect them. 

On top of the 50 story levels, there's also 6 more gameplay modes, Random Normal, Random Hard, Random Insane, Gravity Wave, Super Speed and Switch, which can all be unlocked by reaching certain objectives, like hitting 2,000 in a previous mode, or collecting a certain amount of POLARA letters, and Special Items in the Story Mode. 

We're very psyched to get into this one, and you can be sure and expect our review to go up as soon as possible. Until then, you can drool all over the teaser, and start to anxiously await the game to go live in your country.


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