Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kemco's New RPG, Dark Gate Hits The AppStore

Kemco is easily one of our favorite RPG publishers here at The App Shack. With their previous titles; Symphony of Eternity, Alphadia, Eve of the Genesis, Fantasy Chronicle and Grinsia all receiving perfect 5 star review ratings from TAS, we've been extremely excited to see what Kemco would bring to the AppStore next. Late last night we received an e-mail that Dark Gate had been translated to English, and would be available for purchase today. This morning, we awoke to see it. Dark Gate. And not only that, but Kemco had priced it at $0.99 for launch, which will eventually rise up to $6.99 soon, so if you're even the slightest bit interested in Turn-Based RPGs in the same vein as Square's FF series, you'll definitely want to check this one out.

Dark Gate tells the story of Leo, a young man who's been recruited to help seal the Dark Gates popping up all around the land which are the cause of a spreading monster presence. Dark Gates is the first Kemco title, and actually, is the first Turn-Based RPG that we've seen on the iOS that automatically has an automated battle system. Here, you do not need to worry about hitting 'auto', or about deciding to attack or use an item. If you want to preform a special task, you can either tap on your character on the battle screen, or tap the menu button at the top right, allowing for you to have more control over the battle if you choose to. You're also able to fast forward through these battle sequences, resulting in less time being spent in battle, and more time being able to focus on the story and other aspects of the gameplay.

Another huge inclusion; job classes. There are over 70 jobs which your characters can switch between, depending on what they've learned, what items they've gained, and what other skills they've received throughout the game. Not only is there a depthy job system, but there's also a huge cast of characters, each one effecting how the game plays out if you decide to take them with you, as well as what ending you'll unlock at the end of the game, allowing for replay value, which is something we don't normally see in the RPG world.

Feel free to check out the trailer below, or head on over to Kemco's official Dark Gate site to learn more about the game, and as always, we'll be posting up a review as soon as get deeper into the game. If you can't wait (we don't blame you) - you can also head on over to the AppStore, and pick up Dark Gate for a measly buck before it goes up to more than a pack of cigarettes. Hopefully we'll be able to get our review up before then so that we can help you decide if Dark Gate is really for you, but as with just about every price shift in the AppStore, no one really knows how long this sale will last, but you can expect our review ASAP.


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