Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seven Only's Platform Racer jAggy Race Changes To AeroDrift And Gets A Huge Update

One of my personal favorite racers on the iDevice is easily jAggy Race. It's received some fantastic updates before now, but Version 2.0 that has just gone live today has got to be the biggest yet. Here's a complete list of the all of the new features;

>New name and new icon (should appear soon on this post  )
>Autorotate! This will radically change the way you play the game
>2 new refreshing and devilish worlds
>7 new funny karts
>Totally new GUI and new HUD
>iPad Retina display supported too
>Intuitive stars system
>Beat your records with the new increased acceleration
>Enable manual rotation in pro mode
>Improved kart physics for an even smoother game experience
>In-air brake
>A new crazy bonus level in the first world!
>Direct access! All worlds are accessible for play from the beginning!
>Alternative easy camera for a new gameplay experience
>Global time leaderboard! Compare your overall game status with your friends!
>Easier bonus levels access
>Realtime in-game stars status!
>A fresh new main theme music
>“Tutorial Hills” world is completely re-skinned and renamed to “Turbo Hills”
>Background terrains added to “Twisted Pyramid” world
>Reviewed graphics for “Floating Paradise” world
>Ending “Tic-Tac” stress-sound, is now only played when time is almost over
>General polishing

Right now, AeroDrift is on sale for $0.99, down from it's original price of $1.99. For those of you who've already purchased jAggy Race, you know how great the gameplay is, but if you've yet to experience it, simply put; YOU NEED TO. The graphics are fantastic, the level design is brilliant, and the replay value is off the charts. With 23 GameCenter leaderboards for best times on each stage and a whopping 52 achievements, there's always something to try and achieve in the game, and now with the new Autorotate (which automatically takes care of movement in the air) and Pro Mode (which lets you control movement in the air by tilting your device) - the game is even more accessible to casual gamers than it was before. Since we didn't get a chance to review jAggy Race the first time around, we'll dive into this 2.0 update and get a review up ASAP so that all of you who haven't played the game yet can get a more in depth idea of what it's like, so keep your eyes open for that. Until then, feel free to check out the screens and trailer below.


I never could click with this game. No idea why so many people rate it so high. All you do is hold down the accelate button until you make it to the end. No challenge at all stupid game. The App Shack needs to get with it. Guess I'm going back to only counting on Touch Arcade.

Really? jAggy Ra... well... now AeroDrift, is probably one of the most difficult kart racers/platform racers you can get. If you just hold down the acceleration the whole time, you're never going to finish the race. Granted, the first tutorial level can probably be completed by holding down the accelerator but nothing else, but from then on, you need to gauge when to break, when to jump, when to tilt, rotate your car and when to give it gas. On top of that, they've added a sheep system that gives you medals for hitting all of the sheep in a level, and hitting all of the sheep while still making it to the finish line on time. It's a crazy hard racer. If you gave up after the first tutorial level, you really need to give it another go.

I'm sorry that you feel we're not 'with it' - and I'm not going to stop you from going to Touch Arcade, it's probably the best iOS gaming site around, but we are getting new reviewers, so hopefully they can appease you.

I have no idea what the hell this guy is talking about. Aero Drift is the most challenging racer I've ever played. Thanks to The App Shack for pointing it out. I'm having a total blast with it.
Why don't you go back to Touch Arepaid and agree with their 5 star reviews for God Of Blades Bad Piggies Fieldrunners Max Payne and all the other games they've over rated over the last couple months.

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