Saturday, October 8, 2011

ChocoRun - OpenFeint's Free Game Of The Day!

Our favorite of the recent Super Meat Boy clones to hit the AppStore lately, ChocoRun, has just been selected to be OpenFeint's free game of the day! This AWESOME one touch SMB influenced platformer is one of the most challenging games we've had the pleasure of playing. Not only does it make you want to pull your hair out, but it will also suck away hours of your life and give you a rewarding feeling, similar to beating the 8th World of Super Mario Brothers 3, after completing each of the 50 levels. Don't miss your chance to pick up this great game!

We should also mention that if you beat the first 40 levels on Normal Mode with 3 stars on each level, you will win a CHOCO-PLUSHIE!!! - So go on, you don't have any logical reason not to check out this amazing game from the very talented indie developer, Alejandro Vilarroya!


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