Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"ADVENA App Review"- Gamevils Definitive RPG Experience.

 Gamevil, the Korean based gaming company, has done it again with their newest RPG, ADVENA.  With tons of experience making games they have have poured all their experience into making a definite game that looks just as good as it plays.  Of all of its predecessors ADVENA is my favorite Gamevil game to date and for a good reason.
The reason ADVENA stands out so much is because of its team-based gameplay.  You are allowed to select three characters (out of five) that you can switch between during the heat of battle. Each character has different abilities and weapons that suit their specific class. Those classes are: Warrior, Cleric, Magician, and Bandit. As you can imagine the Warrior is a close combat fighter which can wield insanely-heavy looking two handed swords. The Cleric grants buffs and can heal his allies.  The Magician is a long range fighter and casts spells across the battlefield.  The Bandit is agile and can wield dual daggers.  The game boasts that their are 2500 ways to customize these classes and I tend to agree with that.  From what I have seen so far the replay value is tremendous and I'm only 60 minutes in.

The battle system is very similar to Hybrid as it takes place on a 2D plane where you can move up and down or left or right across the field.  Basically its a side scrolling RPG.  Each area has sections to it and to progress to the next section of the battlefield you need to kill all the enemies in your specific section. Fortunately you wont have to run back and forth across these areas to get to the town or some other place.  To elaborate, areas are located on a overworld map and you can select one to go through.  Of course you cant just jump to the final dungeon, they are unlocked while you go through the story.  At the end of each area, treasure chests appear based on how well you did and rare items and weapons can be found in some of them.
The AI of your teammates is actually quite responsive and they adapt to your strategy.  Even if your sitting still letting the enemy T-Bag you into submission they will still attack the enemy, sometimes even saving you from a potentially dangerous situation.  You can program each teammate differently so you can make the Warrior more aggressive and lets say the Magician more passive and stays at long distances.
The graphics are beautiful and feel right at home with the mood and attitude of the game.  Sounds are fairly good but can get a bit repetitive.
Overall this is my favorite RPG Gamevil has ever released. The game is just brimming to the seems with polish the game is easy to get caught up into and is extremely replayable.  This is what a RPG should look like and feel.  I give it a 9.5/10.
Final Price is 0.99 and is 15.8 mb in size.


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