Saturday, October 8, 2011

Robot Bros Version 1.1!

This August, The App Shack was able to review 108km Studio's Robot Bros, a puzzle platformer that had quite a bit of potential, but we felt it didn't really take advantage of that potential. Well, the developers listened, and took the game mechanics they had, and expanded them quite a bit. Version 1.1 is now live and available for download in the AppStore! What's new in this version?

-- Added 24 advance levels. More challenges!
-- New game style! Badge system added!
-- Enhanced user control.
-- Fixed bugs & exceptions.

Now Robot Bros completly takes advantage of the puzzle mechanics that were initially introduced in the original version of the game, like switching robots, and the oh so cool use of portals! The controls have been tweaked and feel a lot better, and also, the game has a sweet badge system now. There's also a lite version so you can try the game out. But at $0.99, and after this update, it's easy to recommend this one to fans of the genre, and anyone else who's into puzzle game, this is one you'll definitely enjoy. Also, it's worth mentioning that it's (still, yes still...) UNIVERSAL. So head on over to the AppStore, and pick up this little gem!


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