Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whale Trail available October 20 on the AppStore

  Indie developer ustwo games recently said via Twitter that their new game Whale Trail will hit the AppStore this October 20th. The game is a magical endless runner featuring a whale called Willie that likes to fly in the skies and have fun. PocketGamer recently said this about Whale Trail: "the game Tiny Wings wishes it could be". Strong words indeed. Expect a full pre-view very soon...

Here is some info straight from the developers:

   The goal of this magical endless runner is to keep Willow the Whale flying high in the sky for as long as feasibly possible. Help Willow collect the floating Blubbles which feed his rainbow coloured trail, dodge the angry Thunder Bros and avoid the clutches of the EVIL Baron Von Barry.

Use simple one finger touch screen controls to fly Willow through the colourful, magical kingdoms of Rainbow Land. In each kingdom lives a friendly Way out Friend that helps Willow on his way by feeding him Blubbles. Loop the loop, collect Blubbles, smash enemies, discover new lands and make friends along the way.
How to play
• Press and hold anywhere on the screen to make Willow swoop upwards.• 
Release your finger from the screen to make Willow dive downwards.• 
Press and hold to make Willow perform a loop the loop, useful when collecting hard to reach Blubbles.
 • Simple and intuitive one finger flight control• 
Amazing Whale Trail soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of the 'Super Furry Animals'
 • Beautiful and colourful endless runner
• 7 end of level Way our Friends
• 7 incredible rainbow kingdoms to explore• Frenzy mode - kill Thunder Bros at your will
• Multiplier scores for the best players
• Multiple leaderboards
• 23 unlockable achievements 
• Amazing Retina graphics
• Game Center integration
• Bonus levels coming soon
And here are some videos, first from the BETA, second is the official trailer:

Remember: 20th of August for 0.99$/69p/0.79€. Mark your calendars...


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