Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ruffled: Feathers Rising gets a new control feature!

The bird game that has you pooping on people has just got a pretty nice update! You can now control your bird with, are you ready for this?, TILT CONTROLS! It's something the gamers, and the game itself, have been begging for since the release of Ruffled, back in July. No more swiping un-precisely to try and get your poo to land on the different objects in each level, and no more getting frustrated at just missing those pick-ups because you had to pick your finger up to swipe some more... now the game flows, and it's a huge improvement. Also added to the game - A new tutorial. This new tutorial gives you all the information you'll need in order to successfully land poop on everything in the game. It's also placed as a main button on the main menu, so you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding it this time around. To top it all off, it also got a nifty new icon! Those of you who had the game will probably fall in love with it all over again, and those of you who haven't heard of Ruffled, or just haven't checked it out yet, now would be a great time. Though it's still missing out on GameCenter (Hopefully we'll see that added in a shorter amount of time than it took to implement the tilt controls - but the devs are working on the game! And it's kind of hard to ask for more).


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