Monday, September 26, 2011

Another World - 4.99 (Bulkypix)

Another World is a re-release of the old Amiga game by Eric Chahi, released this time by Bulkypix. Bulkypix has put out a lot of great games over the last couple years, but with this release of Another World, their uber cool status pretty much just shot through the roof. Another World is a classic game from the 90’s where you guide a physicist, who has been sucked into a strange world, through various puzzles and action sequences.

Most gamers who are familiar with the game will probably, first off, want to know how it controls on the touch screen. We’re given two options for control, a d-pad with an action button, or swipe/tap controls. The swipe/tap controls seem to work the best, as they feel more natural for the game on a touch screen. You’ll tap on either side of the screen to move in that direction, while swiping up or down to jump and duck, and then have two action buttons, one in each bottom corner.
The graphics have also been updated to fit the current devices perfectly, getting a very nice make-over. The environments are now a lot more detailed, as well as all the enemies and cut-scenes. You can, however, drag two fingers down on the screen at any point in the game to switch back to the classic graphics. It’s interesting seeing how much they’ve improved in certain spots by switching back and forth between the graphics, a lot of the environments look totally re-done.
Now for the game. Those of you who have played through, and beat, Another World, know that it’s a very short game, but only if you know exactly what to do to get through all the puzzles. This is definitely one of those games that if you look up a play through on YouTube, it will take, pretty much, all the fun and discovery out of the game. For first timers, or people who have never played all the way through the game, it could take 5 or 6 hours, maybe even longer, depending on how much you die, to complete it.
The puzzles and gameplay are mixed in with cinematic elements, so it’s sometimes hard to know exactly when the gameplay starts. The first time I played I died in the first 10 seconds because I didn’t know you were supposed to make your character swim out from the water. I’ve also sat there wondering if I was controlling the characters, or if I was watching another cut scene. So it’s a real story based adventure game, with tons of puzzles, and platform elements. Most of the puzzles will require multiple deaths while checking out the “wrong ways” to accomplish something, while other times, you might just end up stumbling onto the solution without even knowing it. Luckily, there’s a nice checkpoint system, so you’ll only need to start back a couple of screens if you die. There’s also 3 different difficulty levels, one easier than the original, the original, and a harder difficulty, for those of you who have made it through the game already, and consider yourselves pros.
Another World was an amazing game when it was released back in 1991, and with the amount of old-school gamers that play games on iPods, I don’t think Buklypix will have any problem selling this masterpiece. It’s still as great now as it was then, but because it was so original and ground-breaking at the time of release, causing even old-school gamers to want to pull their hair out, a lot of younger gamers will probably not enjoy this one too much. But if you’re serious about playing a game that’s still like no other, and ready to experience a game rather than play it, Another World is a great choice. It will stick with you, possibly forever. I can still remember playing this on my neighbors Mac about 17 years ago, and still consider it to be one of the most interesting, and engrossing games of my childhood. I feel lucky to be able to play it all over again on my iPod with controls that fit the system very well, with re-done graphics and sounds, and at a fraction of the cost of the original. $4.99, and being Universal, Another World does have an AppStore “premium” price, but it’s a premium game, even with it’s low re-playability, high difficulty, and chances that you’ll get stuck on one or two screens of the game for a day or two at a time, it’s a game that will make it’s mark on you. If you remember the game from your childhood, love old-school games, or are looking for something to totally blow you away, this is definitely a game to snag.

Another World gets a score of 9 out of 10



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