Saturday, September 17, 2011

Burn The Rope: Worlds - 0.99 (Big Blue Bubble)

Burn The Rope: Worlds is the sequel to the very popular Burn The Rope, by Big Blue Bubble (also responsible for Paper Munchers, City Of Thieves, Thumpies, the Fighting Fantasy series, and more). In Worlds, there’s more of the same great gameplay that made the original so popular, which is great, because companies that change up gameplay too much in their sequels, trying to find a new gimmick, generally upset the previous games fans. Big Blue Bubble has taken the approach of, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, expand on it”, and we really couldn’t be happier about this decision.

Fans of the original Burn The Rope will feel right at home when starting up BTR: Worlds. The controls work the same, rotating your device to keep the flame pointing upwards, but with better handling of the corners on each rope, which is a great addition, because there‘s more turns than ever in Worlds. You can also touch the screen to increase the speed of the flame. You’ll burn designs made of rope, trying to burn more than 60 percent of the shapes to move on. There’s also the bugs that change the flame’s color. Big Blue Bubble has added more of these bugs. There’s now fire bugs that when hit with a flame, will explode, causing everything in it’s radius to burn up, and sending multiple flames out in every direction, electric bugs, that when hit, will connect to another electric bug, and burn everything in-between the two, and more.
Within the Classic Mode, there’s 4 worlds, Jungle, Fantasy, Mechanical, and Space, each having 25 levels, and themes for each of the rope’s objects. You can play in any of the 4 worlds from the beginning of the game, as they’re all unlocked once you start. There’s also a Casual Mode, which gives you all of the same levels, without bugs. This means that there’s no colored ropes, and no extra special bugs you help or harm your progress in each level. Better yet, both Modes share progress, so if you’re having trouble with a specific level in Classic Mode, you can play it in Casual Mode, and then go back to Classic Mode, and try and finish the world.
Along with new bugs, new levels, and new mechanics, there’s bonus rounds, which come into play every 4 levels. In these bonus rounds, you’ll get to try and burn as many bugs as you can in a certain amount of time, giving you a time bonus for burning them all before time runs out. These bonus rounds do not effect your score on the game, and are more for fun, and adding to the gameplay. There’s also a new mode called Endless Burn, where you will get to play a snake-like game, where you’ll rotate your device to change the direction of a growing flame. Each bug you burn with the flame adds to the length. You can pick between 5 different types of flames, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green, each with different size and speed, and each is unlocked by rating the game, liking the developer’s FaceBook page, sending your friend an e-mail, and things like that.
Also, to keep in the tradition of the original Burn The Rope, there are puzzles of the day, which are supported by ads. Free to play, but if you want to get rid of the ads for the daily puzzles, it’ll require an IAP of $0.99. This is a great way to add endless replay ability to the game, and give it more life on your device.
In the end, Burn The Rope: Worlds is done like Cut The Rope: Experiments. More of the same type of gameplay with a couple of expansions on the gameplay. Again, if you enjoyed the original Burn The Rope, Worlds will give you the same kind of great gameplay you fell in love with, just more of it. For $0.99, and loads of content, it’s a great buy. One that every puzzle fan should experience.

Burn The Rope: Worlds gets a score of 9 out of 10.



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