Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Big Little Quest - 0.99 (ITL Business Ltd)

The Big Little Quest is the second isometric puzzle plat former from ITL Business Ltd. The game plays like an extension of their first game, Alone, in that the controls, UI setup, and general gameplay are pretty much the same. But in The Big Little Quest, you’ll play the first episode as you try and save your sister from a villain that kidnapped her and took her to his castle. To get through the game, you will need to talk to everyone you can, find items, weapons, kill dragons, and solve multiple puzzles in order to get to the end.

The graphics in The Big Little Quest have been updated quite a bit from the previous release, Alone. They are a lot smoother, and look more modern, while still retaining the retro feeling. The controls are the same, as in you’ll have 3 different options for control, a d-pad facing up and down with two buttons, jump and attack, a d-pad in isometric position, with attack and jump buttons, and being able to move by touching on each of the 4 corners of your device, double tapping to jump, and swiping to attack.
The gameplay, like I stated, is pretty much just like it was in Alone, moving from screen to screen, but in Big Little Quest, you’ll need to talk to everyone you run into, and do quite a bit of exploring. At the beginning of the game, you’re told to go and talk to your father, who is with a monk in the building just south of the building you’ll start out in. He’ll tell you that you’ll need to find the coins, and a map in order to progress. From here on, you’ll be given different quests as you complete each task, smoothly progressing through the game.
As it is just Episode 1 of the game, it is a little short. It took me 1 hour to complete the game. But there are some head-scratchers with the added puzzles. Just like in Alone, they are very well planned out, and well made, even though this game is more about exploration. You’ll move throughout the world collecting items, finding the 3 dragons, and maybe re-finding them, after you manage to collect your weapon, and then making your way to the castle and through the dungeon, where most of the puzzles are found.
For the game being only the beginning of the full story, it’s pretty entertaining. I’ve played quite a few games in the past that were first episodes, and they didn’t really give me this much gameplay or promise, and with the developer being active on his website, and on the Touch Arcade Forums, having completed his previous game, it’s pretty solid promise that there will be more to come.
As the game is now, there’s not a whole lot of gameplay, but for $0.99, with the promise of the game expanding, it’s well worth the purchase if you’re into exploration games, or if you liked the developers first release. It’s got nice adventure elements, and really feels like you’re moving forward in the game as you progress. I’m looking forward to playing the future episodes, and can’t wait to find out where the story goes from here.

The Big Little Quest is getting a rating of 6 out of 10, but could very well turn into an 8 out of 10 game after more is added to it.



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