Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Monsters Ate My Condo" VideoReview

Check out this video review of Monsters Ate My Condo by AP9TV1 who also writes reviews on this site.

If your still undecided about this awesome game you can check out the official trailer for it below.


This game is my new obsession...

just hit 121 billion today...

Hope I can hit 1 trillion soon... =oD

LOVE IT!!! Get it now... worth way more than a buck! =oD

Fully agree with you ^

Get it now, an update has been released and its even better

The title is just ridiculous. But I love the trailer and I think I will enjoy this Monsters Ate My Condo game.

Pretty cool game although the high scores reported by some players are kind of unnerving. Best keep the competition among close friends, I guess.

Romantic Florida Getaway

This is absolutely ridiculous! But yeh it is quite funny though.

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