Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fruity Jelly - 1.99 (Scorsoft/Bulkypix)

Fruity Jelly is a new puzzle platform type game by Scorsoft and published by the oh so popular, BulkyPix (Pix‘n Love Rush, Babel Rising, and many more). In the game, you will play as a little jelly who is the only one of his village left after an evil being went on a vicious rampage, threatening the fate of the peaceful and calm jelly society. You will need to collect all the fruits in each level and make it to the flower that pops up to save your friends, and restore the balance of this jelly land.

There are two control options for the game, tilting and virtual controls. Tilting will let you tilt your iDevice to move the little jelly through the levels, while having a button on each of the lower corners of the screen that can rotate each of the levels. The virtual controls will give you a slider bar for movement on the right side of the screen, and have both of the level rotating buttons on the bottom left side. Choosing to have the movement bar on the right side, instead of the left side, like most games, was kind of a risky move, but it works very well in Fruity Jelly, and only took a couple of seconds to get use to. You’re also able to pinch and pull the screen to zoom in and out, and double tap to enter a ‘scan’ mode, so you can look around the entire level before deciding what route you’d like to take. Wooden crates are also found in some of the levels, and to break them, you’ll need to tap on them, and some sections in the floors will require you to rotate the level to a certain angle, and then swipe down to make the jelly move through the holes in the floor.
The level rotating buttons are a great addition, as are the holes in the floors and wooden crates, and all really help expand the creation of the levels and level design throughout the game, which Scorsoft has done an amazing job with. You will need to rotate the level quite a few times in order to make it through each of the 40 levels in Fruity Jelly. There’s also one star in each of the levels, and sometimes collecting it can be quite the challenge. If you do manage to collect all the stars, bonus levels are unlocked for you, which are generally pretty fun. There is also a Time Attack Mode, in which you can try and get through each of the levels as fast as you can, going for the gold star time, which requires you to go through each level perfectly.
The graphics in Fruity Jelly are done exceptionally well. Along with all of the animations for all of the different enemies, the flower, water, all of the different animations for jelly, like squishing when falling from a high spot, or being hit by an enemy, even all of the fruits move, Fruity Jelly looks very professional, and playing through each of the levels, you can tell that a lot of work and thought has gone into each and every aspect of the game, how it looks, how it sounds, how it plays, and each and every route you can take to get to the end of the levels.
Fruity Jelly does have OpenFeint support, with 23 achievements, but no leader boards, which is kind of upsetting. Having a Time Trial Mode, with no leader boards, so you can’t compare your times with friends or other players around the world, makes the Time Trial Mode a little less interesting, and takes away quite a bit from the replay ability. But there is still a bit of replay ability in getting all of the stars in the game will require a few replays of certain levels, and in some of the later levels, getting through them will require multiple plays. The level design is top notch, and the gameplay is super smooth, and entertaining. Being Universal, and $1.99, with more content on it’s way, it’s a great buy.

Fruity Jelly is getting a score of 9 out of 10.



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