Tuesday, September 20, 2011

QuBIT Gets a Major Update and Goes Free!

QuBIT, a crystal smashing, color matching racer from Secret Sauce Studios, just got it's 1.2.0 update, and it's a big one! This debut release from the UK company caught my attention the moment I saw the release trailer. I ended up staying up the night of it's release to check it out, and even ended up updating my iPod from iOS 4.0 to iOS 4.3, which I previously swore I would never do for any game. But boy was I so happy that I finally did.

QuBIT turned out to be one of the best and most original racing games I had ever experienced. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay, scoring to the matching, down to the racing, I was completely hooked, and found it hard to play anything else for the first two weeks I had the game on my device. Then the obsession faded, like it does, until last Friday, the 16th, when Secret Sauce released it's version 1.2.0 update, and the love affair was re-kindled.

Here's a list of the new features;

--Retina Display Support
--New game mode, Surge
--2 new QuBOTs, QuBYT, and QuTI
--Solid Gold Plated Bot for those who bought the game before it went free back in July

and of course
--QuBIT is now FREE, with the new Surge Mode, and two new characters available through IAP.

Secret Sauce's decision to make the previously $0.99 app, free, was not one that was taken lightly. Within the first week of the release, 50% of the activity on the leaderboards was from pirated copies. Cracked software has, is, and will always, be a problem for game developers, but it's especially sad when it happens to such a great game made by such a great development team. With every issue brought up on the Touch Arcade and Secret Sauce Forums, the team has been there to swiftly and quickly address the issue, sending out a fix as soon as possible, and listening to what the gamers had to say.
So here's hoping that the change to go free does help fight the onslaught of cracked copies, and those of you who bought QuBIT before it went free back in July, or even after it went free, only to see the part of the game that you paid for go free, will be glad to know that your money went back into the development of the game, and the in app purchase of the new Surge Mode, new characters, and unlockables, along with the Retina Display addition, is well worth another $0.99. Especially when coming from such a dedicated developer, who's sure to put that money back into amazing, mind-bending games for it's fans, and new-customers.

Be sure and check out QuBIT, now that's free, you've got nothing to loose, except of course, for a buck that you'll most likely end up spending on the Surge Mode once you get hooked on the Classic Mode that's, to say the least, VERY addicting. We here at The App Shack wish Secret Sauce the best of luck with this new pricing set-up, and with the game, as it's one of our favorites.

You can also check out the Secret Sauce team's blog/forum/webpage at http://www.secretsauce.co/


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