Saturday, September 3, 2011

Deliver Da Bomb - 0.99 (Tapstatic)

Deliver Da Bomb is a new arcade game from Tapstatic in which you try to bounce a bomb from one side of the screen to the other side, blowing up a robot. It sounds pretty easy, and in the beginning it really is, as you can get enough bombs to the robot by just starting the first two bombs moving, and then tapping on the last group of men, then the middle group, then the first group, then back to the end and starting over again. The first 8 levels or so are played like this, but then you hit level 9, and it really starts to get difficult, especially on insane speed. Here is where they actually mix up the bombs shot by how high they start off, how fast they move, and in what order you need to tap the men in.

There’s two different game modes in Deliver Da Bomb, but they’re split up like difficulties. In Easy Mode, you’ll need to bounce bombs 3 times before they reach the robot, and in Hard Difficulty, you’ll need to bounce the bombs 4 times. With each of the difficulty modes you’re able to choose between 3 different speeds, Casual, Advanced, and Insane. Then to be able to play on Hard Mode, you’ll need to finish all the Easy Mode levels first, so it’s more set up like one mode that you just progress through in two, 25 level sections. Each bomb that you get to the end, hitting the robot, gives you one extra life point, and you can have up to 30 points for life. If you miss or drop a bomb, one point is taken away, and if you reach a life score of 0, surprise, game over.
The graphics are done fairly well, in a sort of NES-SNES retro type way, and the animations for movement, bouncing, and explosions are about what you would expect with a retro styled game. You are able to put a picture in the face of the robot, but it’s really small, so if you want it to be a picture that you’re able to see, it’ll have to be a close-up of something, or someone, and I prefer the default robot face. The sounds and music is inspired by old-school effects and music as well, and fit’s the game well enough.
Deliver Da Bomb is presented as an old-school arcade game that you can battle for a high-score ranking through GameCenter on, but there’s one pretty major problem with the scoring system; your score is cumulative, and adds up continuously. This means that you can raise your score to 50 thousand just by playing level 1 over and over again, if you so desire, but also that the #1 position on the GameCenter charts will not be the person who scored the most points in each of the 50 levels, but instead, will be the person who played the game more than anyone else, For a game who’s primary reason for playing is for getting a high score, this is a pretty big let-down, and to top it off, and really make sure the replay value goes down the drain, there’s no achievements.
Tapstatic has done a great job creating a high-scoring retro arcade game with Deliver Da Bomb, but it seems like they did a poor job in implementing the scoring system and GameCenter integration. However, these things could be easily fixed in a future update, and for $0.99, Deliver Da Bomb does deliver quite a bit of challenging gameplay, and is definitely worth the price.

Deliver Da Bomb is getting a score of 6 out of 10, with a little asterisk ** if this game is updated, and the scoring system is fixed so that you have a score fixed for each level that you can raise up by replaying the level instead of just adding to your total score by replaying a level over and over, it could be a 7 or 8 out of 10 game, and if more game modes are added after that, could easily score 9 or 10 out of 10 - and I do have some pretty high hopes for this one.


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