Saturday, December 3, 2011

Corridor Fly - 0.99 (Gripati Digital Entertainment)

Tunnel racers are fairly popular on the iDevice. The utilization of tilt controls, along with pretty simple gameplay appeals to casual and hardcore gamers alike. The most recent addition to this genre is Gripati Digital Entertainment’s Corridor Fly.

The game does take a little bit of getting use to. You’re able to fly all around the tunnel you’ll be racing through by using the iDevice’s accelerometer controls, along with a button on the bottom left to tilt your aircraft sideways, and a button on the bottom right to use whatever power-up you might have stored. This wouldn’t normally be too hard to get acclimated to, but Corridor Fly’s collision detection seems to be more than just a tad off, and with the doors closing in on you as you try and make it through them. But usually, you’ll end up crashing without touching anything. It’s the worst when you’re basically right in the center of the tunnel, and the doors are just starting to move towards you from the sides, and your ship blows up with just the edges of the doors showing. This is even more upsetting because the trailer doesn’t really show the collision detection as being this bad.
There’s also the issue with the IAPs. ITunes does not list them all, but here they are; 5,000 coins for $0.99, 10,000 coins for $1.99, 20,000 coins for $2.99, 30,000 coins for $3.99, Aircraft 2 is $0.99, Aircraft 3 is $1.99, and unlocking all the Aircrafts will cost you $3.99. So far, I’ve got about 20-30 coins per game. Even better? I have no idea what the coins can be used for. In the shop, there’s only options for IAPs. There’s no upgrade areas, and you can’t buy the extra ships with coins, you’ll buy them with stars that are fairly difficult to earn in-game. Another little issue, once you do finally get a star, a pop-up telling you that you earned a star comes up, and you have to hit okay. 4 times. It keeps popping up.
Now, I guess all of this isn’t so bad. If you play the game enough, you should eventually learn how to get your ship through doors, and deal with the poor collision detection, as well as get good enough to earn enough stars to maybe unlock the ship that costs 2. But you might not even get that far. The loading screen takes, literally, a minute and a half to load on a 4th gen device. With the graphics far from being amazing, and the gameplay usually lasting about 20 seconds, most people will not sit and wait over a minute for the game to load.
All of this seems really bad, and it kind of is. With the amount of really good tunnel racers out there, it’s hard to recommend Corridor Fly. All of these issues could be fixed in an update, and hopefully they all will, but it’s not looking promising, with no iTunes reviews, and only 34 GameCenter scores, it doesn’t look like sales will be pushing a quick update to be submitted, if at all, but if one does come, you know that we’ll keep you informed of it.


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