Monday, December 12, 2011

'Boxcat Review'- Need I Say More?

Cats are the holy grail of Internet memes. But what if you combined those adorable creatures with a box? That is clearly a question the developers of Boxcat thought about when they created this amazing game.
Your goal in Boxcat is to create as much havoc as you possibly can. You run back and forth across a busy suburban street running into cars and creating mayhem. The only controls you need to worry about are two arrow buttons on the left and right side of your screen. Birds carrying coins come flying from the side of the screen as well and if you catch them you get the coin they were carrying. These coins can have varying effects like giving you more time in the game or making you bigger. If you collect three coins you turn into a HUGE cat that takes up nearly all of the screen.
Included are three game modes called Adventure, Rush Hour and Survival. In Adventure you are given a certain time limit and are asked to see how many stages you can beat. In each stage you are given a certain time limit to hit a certain amount of cars. If you finish before the time limit you receive a little more time on your clock and hit the next stage. The timer carries over from stage to stage so be careful. There are also bosses like a super fast ice cream truck and a ordinary car with guns on the side.  You kill these by charging your quick attack and striking them just as they reach your line of fire.
In Rush Hour mode you are once again given a certain time limit but there are no stages and the cars come at you faster than ever. So basically its your goal to score the most amount of points in the least amount of time. Its fun to rack up a high score in this mode and show off to your friends.
In Survival mode you obviously try to survive as long as you can. There is a leaderboard for this mode as well.
Also implemented into this lovely game is a goal system through which you can earn new skins for your cat. From Godzilla to a Squirrel costume its always fun to see what costume you are going to unlock next. This system serves as a great motivating factor to keep you playing which it certainly made me do!

Overall this is a great cat-themed game that not only has charm but has the addictiveness of catnip. I give this game a 5/5 stars.  Also on a unrelated note iCade support is coming to BoxCat fairly soon.



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