Monday, December 5, 2011

Turn-Based RPG, Symphony Of Eternity, sale; $8.99 -> $0.99!

One of the best turn-based RPG titles I've had the pleasure of playing on my iPod has easily been Kemco's Symphony of Eternity. Highly reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games, you'll guide your group of heroes on their quest to find a magical weapon and fulfill their dreams and restore a broken kingdom. The story is fantastically executed, and fairly deep, and compliments the amazing upgrade/magic system which gives you books that you can equip and learn abilities from (by the end of the game, each of my characters had about 20 spells that they were able to cast). Aside from Square Enix's Final Fantasy games on the iOS, Symphony of Eternity is my favorite turn-based RPG in the AppStore. In my humble opinion, it's even better than FF 1 and 2. The characters will grow on you very quickly, there's tons of exploration involved, hidden areas, great battles (if you have Alphadia, another Kemco TB-RPG for the iOS, it's not as focused towards grinding by any means), and a very nice story with plenty of plot twists and some great English translation. For a dollar, it's a no-brainer, Symphony of Eternity is one RPG you NEED to pick up. Even if you're not a fan of the genre, Symphony of Eternity has all the aspects that could very well make you one. It's also secured it's spot in my top 10 of 2011 list. At it's current sale price-point, it's impossible to find another RPG of this caliber for this price. I don't know how many other ways I can try and tell you to go and pick it up, but if you're interested in finding out, you can check out The App Shack's review, so go, GO NOW!! Throw down the dollar, and experience one of the best games of the year!

Symphony of Eternity
[Kemco/Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.]
Turn-Based RPG
$8.99 -> $0.99


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