Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silvester Adventure - 0.99 (Sim Chia Tek)

Puzzle platformers for the iOS are getting more and more interesting as time goes on. Cordy, Max and the Magic Marker, Cavorite, The Last Rocket, and more are very fine examples of puzzle platformers that offer pretty original gameplay. Sim Chia Tek’s new release, Silvester Adventure is the newest addition to this list of great games, giving you control over your character and his shadow, while trying to figure out how to make it through the game’s 31 levels.

As with other platformers, the controls are a big part of the game, but also, with other puzzle platformers, the controls do not need to be as precise or tight as action platformers controls need to be. But here, even though you’ll only start out with your left and right buttons, along with an action button, they work very well within the game. You’re also able to move the shadow world around by swiping anywhere on the screen. Once you get further into the game, you’ll be able to shrink and grow your shadow with buttons along the bottom of the screen. Another big part of platformers is the physics, and again, with puzzle platformers, the requirements are not as strict, but in Silvester Adventure, the physics are great, and make the gameplay feel comfortable and fluid.
In Silvester Adventure, you’ll need to guide your character while keeping an eye on your characters shadow. There are two parts to each level; the characters section, and the shadow section, which is almost always different from the main level, having different platforms, different switches, and different pathways. Your shadow will also need to stay within a certain distance from your character, or else you’ll need to start the level over. So keeping your shadow close to your character also becomes a mechanic of the game, and something that you’ll need to focus on consistently while trying to solve these puzzles. This is also where being able to swipe on the screen to move the shadow world around really comes in handy. You’ll be able to see the shadow world better, and maybe even see something you weren’t able to see before. The ability to shrink and grow your shadow comes along a little later, but once it does, it really opens up the gameplay, really showing off some fantastic level design and great puzzles that will keep you thinking about how to keep your shadow in the distance circle while making it through each of the levels obstacle areas.
The level design is extremely well done, which is always a great thing for a puzzle platformer. A lot of the levels are fairly short, but the puzzle elements, and the addition of the shadow world really expand the levels quite a bit. The level design and placement of the puzzles is something I was impressed with time and time again while playing through Silvester Adventure.
Being $0.99, even without GameCenter, virtually no replayabilty, and not having an HD version, it’s hard not to recommend Silvester Adventure to fans of the genre. It’ll provide quite a bit of gameplay that’s both challenging and entertaining. Sim Chia Tek has definitely created a puzzler that’ll keep you hooked until you complete it, and most likely will keep you on the look out for future releases from this developer.


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