Friday, December 9, 2011

Space Tripper gets a HUGE update, Mirrors Edge goes free, EPOCH. price drop, Agimat supporters are pretty upset... and more


True Axis and PomPom Games amazing game, Space Tripper, just got it's first update last night, and it's what a lot of customers and potential customers have been asking for. RELATIVE TOUCH controls have been added, as well as an Easy Mode and auto tilt-calibration. Fans of the tilt controls need not worry though, because the time and practice that you've put into the game is required for the touch controls as well. It will take some time to get use to them. But they're there, and perfectly done. So everyone who has been waiting for touch controls can now dive in, and enjoy one of the greatest games of the year. To make it even better, those of you who have been having a hard time getting through the game on Normal Mode, can now play on Easy Difficulty, and hopefully see what all the fuss is about. If you don't have Space Tripper yet, you NEED to get this game. It's got to be the best arcade title I've played on my iDevice in a long, long time.

Agimat's side scrolling kart racer, Flip Riders, was pulled from the AppStore not too long ago. After one of Agimat's developers was saying over and over again in the Touch Arcade thread for the game that "More great stuff is coming real soon!", "It'll only get better from here on out" and "Flip Riders is going through some interesting changes" it has now been re-released in the AppStore under a different publisher, Bad Juju Games. Instead of adding it to the AppStore under the same application, it's now a separate game, meaning that those of us who purchased Flip Riders will not be getting support for the app from now on. The new version of Flip Riders is a freemium title. Yup, that's right. Now instead of the original 10 riders you could unlock in-game, you're given 2 riders, and 3 that you can buy through an in app purchase. Looks like when Agimat said "It'll only get better from here on out" they meant only get better for them, not their supporters, who are, you guessed it, extremely upset. Needless to say, they've lost a lot of their supporters, and will probably have a fairly hard time selling their next title, that is, if they decide to release another title in the AppStore.

To lighten the mood, thankfully there are still developers giving us AWESOME updates. Mountain Sheep, developers of the Flip Riders counterpart, Bike Baron, have just released their 1.3 update. What's new this time around? A new game mode with Domovoi Biker that has more checkpoints, has an easier difficulty, and an all new leaderboard! Along with the new mode, 22 "best of the best" USER CREATED levels have been added to each of the difficulty levels - 12 new easy levels, 5 new medium levels, 3 new hard levels and 2 new extreme levels! A retry from beginning button has been added, more sound effects, more controls for sounds, all levels now feature additional Domovoi checkpoints only visible and usable by him, and various fixes in level flow and structure. To sum it up? Bike Baron feels almost like a completely new game. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should.


Casual Arcade

[Triniti Interactive Limited]
2D Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up/Shooter

[Hotdog Studio INC]
Arcade Platformer

[Spiffcode, INC]
Real Time Strategy

[Electronic Arts]
Level-Based Side-Scrolling Arcade Runner

[Electronic Arts]
Level-Based Side-Scrolling Arcade Runner


Turn-Based RPG
$8.99 -> $2.99

[Uppercut Games]
Cover Based Arcade Shooter
$5.99 -> $2.99


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